Saturday, 6 April 2013

Day 181 - What is Accomplished

ac·com·plish·ment (-kmplsh-mnt)
1. The act of accomplishing or the state of being accomplished; completion.
2. Something completed successfully; an achievement.
3. An acquired skill or expertise: a singer known for his accomplishment in vocal technique.
4. Social poise and grace.

What have we accomplished, if we have not stood Equal to Life?

What is completed, if our world is being destroyed?

What is achieved, if Life is sacrificed?

What is a reward, if Life is not realized?

What is success, within the delusion of separation?

What is greatness, if it cannot be given?

What is power, if it is used solely to harm and abuse?

What is wealth, when all it creates is poverty?

What is the purpose of status, but to keep us divided?

What is the value of skill, when it kills self-expression and limits expansion?

What is the value of love, if it stems from fear and spite?

What is security, but a feeble attempt to prolong the inevitable?

What is the value of beauty, when it is subject to changing opinion?

What is worthy of celebration, when all is enslaved?

What is worthy of honor, when all is a disgrace?

What is the value of truth, when it is based in a lie?

What is the value of money, when it promotes greed, war, and destruction?

What is the value of knowledge, when it creates the illusion of superiority?

What is the value of understanding, if it is not actualized?

What is the value of authority, when it serves and protects deception?

What is the value of justice, when laws are subject to interpretation, wealth, and false morality?

Life, in Equality, is the only real value. Until we change and truly stand for Life as Equals, we will face the growing product and consequence of all our false attributions and valuations, which is cruelty, suffering, and shame. 

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