Sunday, 7 April 2013

Day 182 - 101 Ways The Desteni-I-Process Will Help You

101 Ways The Desteni-I-Process Will Help You

1.   Learn to develop Self-Honesty
2.   Learn to develop Self-Trust
3.   Learn what is Self-Responsibility
4.   Learn how to develop Self-Confidence
5.   Learn how to practically change yourself through writing
6.   Learn how the universe came into being
7.   Learn to apply and use Self-Forgiveness to effectively and positively change your life
8.   Learn to improve your writing skills by writing yourself out daily
9.   Learn to have an impact in changing our world
10. Learn to develop your vocabulary and communication skills

11. Learn what are the consequences of passive acceptances and allowances
12. Learn what is real happiness
13. Learn how to be real with yourself and others through stopping false characterizations of yourself
14. Learn how to stop judging yourself
15. Learn how to stop judging others
16. Learn how to give as you would like to receive
17. Learn how to be the best you can be through living what is best for all
18. Learn to focus yourself and critical thinking techniques
19. Learn to stop internal conversations and voices in the head
20. Learn to stop internal justifications

21. Learn to stop feeling guilty all the time
22. Learn how to stop feeling depressed through self-forgiveness
23. Learn how to discover patterns in your past that are holding you back from being the best you can be
24. Learn the practicality of how to love thy neighbor as thyself
25. Learn how and why the system was created
26. Learn how to stop the systems within your own mind
27. Learn how to take directive principle of yourself
28. Learn to face and stop all of your fears
29. Learn to stop all of your addictions
30. Learn to expand yourself in your reality

31. Learn how to utilize breathing effectively to slow yourself down
32. Learn self-intimacy through self-honesty
33. Discover who you really are and how you came to be who you are now
34. Realize the gift of Life within yourself
35. Learn how to stop manipulating yourself and others
36. Learn what it means to make a real life commitment to yourself
37. Learn to effectively walk out self-corrections and manifest real change
38. Learn the reasons why we take on false personalities
39. Learn critical investigation techniques
40. Learn to process information faster

41. Learn about the quantum mind and quantum physical existence
42. Learn what is Equality and Self-awareness
43. Learn how to consider what has not been considered and how it impacts your life
44. Learn how to find the starting point of problems in your life so you can take responsibility to correct them
45. Learn how to stop projecting fears from your past into your future
46. Learn how fears create future consequences
47. Learn how we became enslaved to ourselves
48. Learn how to free yourself from enslavement
49. Learn how to become Life!
50. Learn how to equalize the outer world with the inner world of our mind

51. Learn how to apply the Equality Equation
52. Learn why and how Consciousness is a Con
53. Learn how our words were preprogrammed
54. Learn how to deconstruct words to discover their root meanings
55. Learn how to use your words effectively
56. Learn how to speak words as yourself
57. Learn how to stop and reverse the preprogramming within yourself
58. Learn the most effective way to educate yourself through understanding how the mind works
59. Learn how to push through resistances
60. Learn how energy functions in our physical bodies

61. Learn how images in our minds are used to control our decision making processes
62. Learn what the imagination actually creates
63. Learn what are desires and where they come from
64. Learn the difference between self-interest and best for all
65. Learn to stop being selfish
66. Learn how humans evolved/devolved over time in the universe
67. Learn how our DNA was created and used as the blueprint for our programming
68. Learn the gift in making mistakes (as I mess up the numbers and have to re-write them)
69. Learn the role memories play and why we value them
70. Learn how to be absolutely certain about yourself and you Desteni

71. Learn how the economic system functions
72. Learn the difference between honesty and Self-honesty
73. Learn how the physical body communicates to us to assist us in our process
74. Learn what is real Self-expression
75. Learn from the experiences of those who are currently in the dimensional existence
76. Learn how the animal kingdom, the earth, and nature are assisting humanity in our process
77. Learn how to care for your physical body nutritionally
78. Learn how to raise children responsibly
79. Learn how our thoughts/emotions/feelings impact our physical body and that of others
80. Learn how polarity works and how energy is created through conflict of ideas/beliefs and opinions

81. Learn how and why war/starvation/poverty/suffering/exploitation and cruelty exists in our world
82. Learn why our physical bodies deteriorate over time
83. Learn how time/space was created
84. Learn how the physical existence manifested
85. Learn how separation occurred and why
86. Learn how to stop the illusions and delusions within yourself
87. Learn how to recognize and deal with/ban spiteful people
88. Learn how to develop effective relationships
89. Learn how to stop participating in destructive relationships
90. Learn the simplicity of being here and enjoying yourself

91. Learn how to discover how you have compromised yourself in the past and how to correct it so that it no longer controls you
92. Learn to recognize and stop the patterns within yourself
93. Learn how to transcend your fear of expressing yourself through making vlogs and blogs
94. Learn how to transcend fear of being alone
95. Learn to embrace and accept yourself
96. Learn to assist others in seeing themselves and transcending their fears
97. Learn what it is you are able to do to participate in the group
98. Learn the design of sex and how to develop Self-honest sexual expression with yourself and/or your partner
99. Learn about the existence/non-existence of god and how and why religious systems exist in our world
100. Learn what is self-perfection

101. Learn to support yourself and become the REAL YOU as the best you you can be

I could go on and on, because there is so much more!  I can assure you that it will help you more than you can imagine - as it has helped me tremendously. There is no greater gift than the gift of Life. See for yourself, take the free course and discover what you have been missing for so long... yourself!

There is also plenty of Amazing support over at Eqafe so check it out.