Saturday, 27 April 2013

Day 202 - Freedom without Responsibility is Delusion

I just witnessed a video of a masked man with a woman sitting on her knees in front of him.  He was shouting something in a foreign language and waving a knife.  He then proceeded to cut the woman's throat and continued until he removed the head entirely.   In an instant, her life was over.  The woman appeared to be in her 20's or 30's. This video reveals the consequence of personal beliefs and self-righteous judgments that we have allowed to exist in our world.

What could have caused the man to do this?  What beliefs did he hold that were above this woman's existence?  What beliefs did she have that possibly could have caused her death?  What sacred rule did she break? What unforgivable, un-correctable crime against Life did she commit?  I could speculate that she did not agree or comply with the gang's cause, or mode of operation.  Perhaps she spoke out against the gang or did not wish to follow their orders.

The fact that this form of killing goes on all the time in our reality shows us that there is a problem with our existence.  I, or anyone else for that matter, could have been in her position, with no trial and no justice.  By justice, I mean accountability, where everyone is within understanding of what is our responsibility to Life, so that we are all accountable for all actions, and no 'evil' is ever permitted, and no individual is permitted to freely take another's Life unless all is in agreement that that action is in fact best for all Life.

If we continue to allow personal beliefs and self-righteous judgments in our world, we consequently create hell for ourselves, where evil - as anything that is not best for all Life - is permitted to flourish.

Consciousness is fruitless, as it does not support Life, but permits and gives our acceptance and allowance of freedom in the form of atrocity justified by the belief that there is no consequence.   Clearly freedom is deception in a shared physical reality, because none are free till all is free.  We must move ourselves realize what we are allowing and take responsibility so that no disregard for Life as what is best for all is granted authority to exist anywhere in existence.

Who has authority over our lives?  Is it us? Clearly not, as we are all subject to a corrupt money system that is constantly abused and manipulated, keeping the masses enslaved to the false hope and false idea of freedom.

Please investigate and support the Equal Life Foundation and Equal Money Capitalism so we can stop the madness of this world.

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