Thursday, 25 April 2013

Day 200 - The Fear God System

We have all had our secret dealings with the Fear God.  The fear of not knowing, and not understanding the unknown.  Now that we have come to understand the limitations of knowledge and information, and how knowledge was created by all as a reflection of existence, self, we can now see and realize the starting point - and the consequence - of giving more value to knowledge than to Life itself.  All this time we have been looking in the mirror of knowledge in our mind, and thinking the images perceived were 'me', when they were just reflections, reflections of ourselves in fear.

Finally one day I overdosed on fear, and could take no more. I faced the great Fear God, and made peace with it.  "OK Fear God,  please take my fears away... I will do anything".  I was grateful that I was no longer on the 'bad' side of the Fear God, and could now experience the 'good' side of fear, because we had an agreement, a relationship which I thought and believed I could trust.

I did not recognize however, that this was not the first time.  I had always been in a relationship with the Fear God.  The same pattern was there repeating itself all along, only now it seemed so much more profound, as if it were the first, and last time.  All the reassurances were there, the words, the feelings, the love, the hope, the anticipation, the excitement,  the energy... it felt so good!!  The belief that I was better than they were, because they didn't know of my secret agreement, was exhilarating!  I was so much better than those on the bad side of the Fear God, who had no relationship or agreement with fear.  Eventually however, and somewhat to my amazement, I came to realize that everyone had a secret relationship with the Fear God, and most were not even aware of it.  And so slowly, the Fear God grew stronger in power, until it controlled everyone.

The Fear God, like a disease, is a master at infiltrating, occupying, and possessing everything, feeding of every last drop of energy we have surrendered to it.  It is like the machine which has no consideration for anyone or anything, but to keep itself running, in fear.  Everyone now bows, serves, and surrenders to the Fear God.  The System.  The Fear God System is now everywhere, and there is nowhere to hide from the Fear God system, because we all created the Fear God System, we are the creators of fear... we are the Fear God Systems.

There is no point in fighting the bitter and agonizing consequences we all face, they are already here, and that would only empower the Fear God System and create more fear.  The only way to stop the Fear God System is to take responsibility to stand and support the one solution.  Equality - as the Equal Life Foundation and Equal Money Capitalism.  Join the Journey to Life.

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