Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Day 199 - Drone Strikes - A Violation of Human Rights

Between 1,990 and 3,308 people are reported to have been killed in the drone strikes in Pakistan since 2004, the vast majority of them during the Obama terms.
In the 12-month period up to 2011, 43 out of 95 drone strikes in the reports (which give an account of the vast majority of US operations in the country) were not aimed at al-Qaeda at all. And 265 out of 482 people killed in those assassinations, were defined internally as “extremists”.

Indeed, only six of the men killed – less than two percent – were senior al-Qaeda leaders. - source rt news

Is the 'war on terror' a valid justification to carry out random drone bombings in Pakistan and many other eastern countries?  The number of  innocent men, women, and children slaughtered continues to rise while the people of the world remain silent.  The fact is that there is literally no accountability for these detached acts of violence, and very little is communicated through the media.  According to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, these drone attacks are in direct violation of every facet of the UN Charter and International Bill of Human Rights - See below for reference.  This in addition to the fact that clearly, these attacks have in no way reduced the problem of terrorism.  Does anyone really believe that poor, uneducated beduin people are the cause of terrorism in the United States and Europe?

Who has the job of upholding human rights?  According to the UN Charter, countries carry the main responsibility, yet that responsibility is being completely neglected by leaders and citizens alike, because to stand up and demand an end to senseless abuse would mean putting one's own career, status, and financial position in the line of fire.  Therefore everyone - except those who are directly affected by the attacks - prefer to remain silent, justifying in their minds 'why these people deserved to die' in submission and denial of the horrendous atrocities of what is actually taking place.  It is simply beyond the capacity of our imaginations to comprehend... unless of course it happens to us, then of course it really hit home, and we would understand, but then it is too late to speak up.

When I visited the middle east a number of years ago, I was a bit surprised to find out that, although they have their share of problems primarily due to the strains of our current economic system, the majority of these types of people are as kind, friendly, gentle, and caring as any human being can be.  What does this say of us if we accept and allow these people, and children to suffer and/or die... because an armchair soldier with a joystick missed his target or was relayed wrong information?  By the absolute law of universal karma, events such as this cannot take place without grave consequences for us all.

Countries and governments are run as a business, funded by corporations for profit, power, and control.  The fact is, due to the corrupt monetary system, it is 'not profitable' for anyone to speak out and demand this type of abuse to stop.  The United Nations does not have control or power over any sovereign country, and they are subject to the many convoluted bureaucracies and arbitrary limitations of the legal system.

The solution to the problem of human rights is accountability, by each and every person being individually responsible and accountable.  The Equal Life Foundation is a non-profit organization that has outlined a precise, all encompassing, workable solution to the problem of human rights in our world.  I would highly recommend everyone reading this document to educate and familiarize themselves with human rights based in genuine Equality and consideration for all Life, where every human being has an Equal right to Life.   This is everyone's responsibility if indeed we would like to have a future on this planet.

Notes on Human Rights according to the United Nations.

 UN human rights website
- Human rights are applied to every person in every part of the world with no exception.
- They are universal and apply equally to everyone
- Regardless of race, gender, age, culture, appearance
- They are part of international law and based on the UN Charter of 1946
- Contain the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights
- International Bill of Human Rights
- Ban on slavery, torture, and discrimination
- States the right of everyone to work and a decent wage
- States the right to physical and mental health
- States the right to education
- States the right to peace
- States the right to a clean environment
- Countries must refrain from violating human rights,
- Countries must protect people from violation of human rights, and create the necessary conditions for people to exercise their human rights
- The UN central body is the human rights council which reviews the situation on human rights in all of the 47 member states.
- There are many countries on the council who do not themselves uphold human rights.
- The International Criminal Court in the Hague's powers are limited and lacks the support of the US and China.

Equal Money System website

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