Monday, 22 April 2013

Day 197 - All things are Possible

Jesus said "With God, all things are possible"

What is possible?

What is impossible?

Let's investigate to see if we can draw a conclusion from this statement.

If we define 'God' as Money (as money is in fact God in this world) - We can see that money can buy you anything - fame/property/people.  Money definitely buys (a form of) freedom in this world, where with enough money, one is 'free' from having to slave away in a job they don't like, and so has plenty of 'free time'.  So within the context of this world, Money 'fits the bill' as God, and thus all things are possible with Money, as with enough money, a person can buy almost anything...  

Conversely, I know absolutely and without question, that Money cannot buy me.  That is to say that all the money, fame, and riches in this world could not bribe me away from my process and my goal of absolute self-honesty and standing for Equality of Life.  Why would I forsake my eternal self - for a false character and a temporary high - knowing for certain that I ultimately must face myself and thus the consequences of what I have accepted and allowed in this world?  So I myself, am certain without question that money fails to fit the description of what Jesus was saying here.

If we define 'God' as 'Love' as many vaguely claim in this world, we can see that love appears to make some people feel fulfilled and happy - yet all the 'love' in the world has not helped the world in any way, in fact we see only more and more selfishness, suffering, and abuse.  So clearly it is self-evident, that alleviating suffering is impossible by way of love - because if it were possible, love would have done so long ago.  In fact, Love actually requires the suffering of others to exist.  So Love cannot be God as what Jesus was referring to here.

If we define 'God' as the omnipotent spiritual being separate from ourselves - then we have the same issue as with Love - God is either incapable, or unwilling to stop the suffering in the world - therefore limited, and this spiritual being cannot be the 'all powerful' God Jesus was referring to.

If we define 'God' as Equality, as human beings living the principle of what is Best for All in self-honesty, then we can clearly see - yes within this (and only this) context - all things would be in fact possible, because, if everyone were to live this principle as Equals in service to Life, then we would - immediately - alleviate and eradicate every and all forms of conflict and suffering in our world - nothing would be neglected or disregarded, and nothing would impossible!... because we would all realize our responsibility to stop all abuse and change ourselves to support Life, thus All would stand for Life, and Life would be supported Equally in all ways.

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