Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Day 191 - Freedom

What is Freedom?  What is it to be Free... is it the ability to have a walk in the park, in our 'free' time?  Getting out of jail?  Is it the ability to buy an expensive gift with the money we 'earned' through our hard slavery/work? Is it the ability to make a choice about who we think is beautiful and/or ugly?  Or is it just a good Feeling?

Would not actual Freedom 'free' us from the very limited ideas and definitions of Freedom itself?  Would not real, ultimate 'Freedom' eliminate all Fear, Doubt, Guilt, and Shame?    

Why then do we harbor the false belief that we are 'free'?  Simply because in doing so, we create a positive 'feel good' experience within ourselves.  Seems harmless on the surface.  The term Freedom, as it is used, interpreted, and perceived within our world, is a dualistic concept... An idea only attainable with the existence of it's polar opposite counterpart, and dependent - Slavery.  So, if we are self-honest, we will admit that we are refusing to realize and consider the inherent consequence of promoting such a belief.  In actuality, 'believing we are free' manifests as a direct result of the fear of facing the discomforting realization that many experience the opposite side of the coin - as extreme suffering and miserable lives - so that we can have our tyrannical belief.

We see the word 'Freedom' splashed all over the news and tossed around by guru's and preachers alike.  It is the subtle bait which triggers our subconscious emotions into our beloved fear induced mind-euphoria.  Many believe enlightenment is freedom, or that Jesus will set you free.  So peaceful in the bubble.  Fascinating, that despite all we have seen, we still do not recognize the renown of consequence for being abrupt, crude, and unforgiving... the ultimate bubble-crusher... and let's not forget or deny the blatantly obvious fact that no god can or will, save us from ourselves.  

Still we are stiff-necked, individually choosing to experience ourselves within and as this positive feeling of being free, further believing that it is 'better' to selfishly 'feel positive' then it is to be honest and considerate of Life.  We are Dom-inated by our belief in Free-dom, a blashpemy and disgrace of Life.  

Free-Choice then is the evidence that we are enslaved - because free-choice creates the illusion that we can decide to live in self-interest without facing any consequences of our own decisions.  The only viable choice in a shared physical reality is to live what is best for all - that way, all is living within the principle of responsibility to life, and no one has the 'free choice' to abuse another.

The acceptance of the idea of 'Freedom' and the existence of 'Free Choice' in Duality/Separation is complete Self-Deception, and therefore unacceptable.  There is only one option that will support Life - that is Equality and living what is Best for All.  

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