Friday, 23 November 2012

Day 114 – Intelligence is Fear


Fascinating, yet repulsive, how we as human beings have attributed such high value to intelligence in our world.  Yet we have deliberately neglected to realize that, this great worship of intelligence (As most believe that intelligence is the ultimate attainment in the Universe), inherently and simultaneously manifests the polar opposite – stupidity - on a massive scale.

Look in self-honesty.  If you adhere to the virtue of intelligence, as giving it ‘value’, or claim to be ‘intelligent’, do you not judge others as ‘unintelligent’… or ‘less intelligent’, and thus of ‘less value’ than yourself?  Have we ever considered who created this ‘Intelligence God’ in our minds, who judges others so that we can believe we are better, or more deserving of life?

It is really quite simple to understand.  The word Intelligence is programmed into the system and automatically given ‘high value’ so as to justify itself as real – but it is NOT REAL in any way. That is to say that, it is merely a minute perception of reality, an IDEA, an OPINION, and a LIMITED DEFINITION of what actually IS REAL.  Thus it is a FALSIFIED PERCEPTION of reality, formed out of the desire for power and control over the physical reality… and it is used to generate one thing – FEAR.

This IDEA of ‘Intelligence’ is derived from knowledge and information – which is force fed through the education system, and those who, in fear and submission, store and regurgitate the best, are given higher value.  Thus knowledge and information is manipulated and controlled for the purpose of deceiving humanity into BELIEVING the false perception of who we are.  This is done so that some beings can have power and control - while many suffer. 

We are programmed to believe this is ‘just the way it is’, and ‘it will never change’, because if we were to change, and realize ourselves for who we really are within and as the physical reality, we would never allow such deception, ever.  

We can see with our computers and information systems, knowledge and information can be broken down to a Binary system.  A combination of 1’s and 0’s, in essence, which can be arranged in a multitude of ways to produce a desired outcome.

So, why is it that we give higher/lower value to our fellow man, purely based on the configuration/or how many 1’s and 0’s ‘the system’ has attributed to them?  Especially when we have a justice system that is absolutely controlled by the very same manipulative and corrupt value system.  If you have enough 1’s and 0’s, you can literally get out of any situation.  That, is a farce. Yet that, is what we have allowed to exist. Foolishness. 

We have neglected the simplicity of living common sense as what is best for all, in favour of claiming the belief that some beings have ‘more sense’ because they have more 1’s and 0’s than others???  
Meanwhile the actual real root of the problem is fear – allowing ourselves to be controlled by the idea that we must live in, and obey Fear, and every action we take MUST be done in compliance with the ‘Great God of Fear’ - so that we can ensure our survival and the selfish energy highs of ‘good experiences’, for a limited  time.

Just look at how much we have evolved – thanks to intelligence - we have justified every possible form of cruelty, abuse, destruction, and harm imaginable, all so that we can lay claim to a selfish experience of ourselves, in absolute ignorance of what is actually happening in our world.   

Intelligence should be to support Life in common sense and living what is best for all life –  and to NOT allow ourselves to be controlled by FEAR.  How simple is that really?… It is literally a matter of 1+1=2.  

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