Thursday, 15 November 2012

Day 107 – The 11 Keys to Heaven


Jesus said… ‘The kingdom of Heaven is within you.’ 

If this is so, then Heaven is not ‘somewhere out there’.  I am here, therefore Heaven must be here as me.  Then why is it that we do not experience this ‘Heaven’ all the time?  More precisely, what is preventing Heaven from being experienced and expressed by us? 

We can examine this a little further by asking ourselves... What do we know about Heaven? We know a few things for certain if we apply common sense…

1.  There can be no Conflict in Heaven, because conflict is war, and war is suffering, so obviously war would not exist in Heaven.

2.  There can be no Greed in Heaven, because that would imply Heaven is limited and/or lacking, and greed would result in conflict, jealousy, and war.

3.  There can be no Deception or Confusion in Heaven, because well if that were the case, then Heaven itself would be a lie.

4.  There can be no Secrets in Heaven, because secrets are another form of deception.

5.  There can be no Judgement in Heaven, because judgement would imply condemnation, punishment, harm, and suffering.

6.  There can be no Slavery in Heaven, because that would make Heaven a prison.

7.  There can be no Fear in Heaven, because that would make Heaven a horrible and terrifying experience.

8.  There can be no Selfishness in Heaven, because that would imply fear.

9.  There can be no Death in Heaven, because that would mean that Heaven is temporary, corruptible and subject to non-existence.

10.  There can Distrust in Heaven, because Distrust would indicate that Heaven is untrustworthy.

11. There can be no God in Heaven, – as defined as a superior being - as that would imply hierarchy, control and enslavement.

Now that we have clarified what is not in Heaven, lets examine the opposite to see what Heaven consists of.  In essence, what are the keys to Heaven?

1.  Peace – Absolute Peace, as the total end and cessation of all conflict (as polarities of good/bad, right/wrong etc.) within self

2.  Giving – Absolute Giving, where all gives all to all without fear of loss

3.  Honesty – Absolute Honesty, where no deception is possible or desired

4.  Communication – Absolute Unconditional Expression of Self, within the realization that secrets are unnecessary

5.  Forgiveness – Absolute Forgiveness, as the end of all judgements

6.  Freedom – Absolute Freedom, with no possibility of ever becoming enslaved again

7.  Fearlessness – Absolute Fearlessness, as there is no reason to fear and nothing to fear

8.  Sharing – Absolute Sharing, where everything is shared Equally

9.  Life – Absolute Life, where all is considered Equally into eternity

10.  Trust – Absolute Trust, where no possibility of distrust can exist

11. Equality - Absolute Equality, where nothing is excluded or left out.

Heaven can be summed up in one word - Equality.  So if Equality is Heaven, then why do we accept and allow inequality in our world?  Why do we not take responsibility to take a stand against oppression?  Why do we cower and submit to enslavement and cruelty of the world system? 

There are a number of answers to this.  Primarily lack of understanding, yet fear of self, and the selfish desire for the experience of love in separation, are also prime factors.  Love as what most have defined it as - within separation - is not real, it is spitefulness, as the selfish desire for comfort and happiness to the exclusion of the rest of existence as ourselves.

If the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, then you and I are responsible to create and express Heaven here in this physical reality.  This can only be done through self forgiveness, self-realization, self-correction, and supporting the group that supports what is best for all.  Because, whether you are aware or not, this world is a living hell, as the consequences of what we have allowed are undeniable.  Having only hindsight is of no use whatsoever… it is foolishness, and it is too late.

I am the key to you, as you are the key to me, and together we are the keys to Heaven, as Equality, as what is best for all Life.

There is one more key I did not mention, that I will leave up to you to find for yourself…

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