Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Day 111–How to Have an Amazing Realization


What is a ‘Realization’? 
Firstly, I am not referring to small realizations here – like you realized your bike was stolen, or that someone doesn’t like you.  I am referring to dramatic, life changing Realizations - when we discover and understand something about ourselves that we previously had no idea existed.  Something that strikes the core of you, and entirely changes who you are.  If this has never happened to you, well, continue on, it may very well be right around the corner… 
Can anyone have a Realization?
Yes, anyone can have a realization, however people that are self-centered, judgemental, inconsiderate of others, ‘know-it-alls”, content with their life, and/or greedy - are unlikely to have a realization – unless of course they encounter serious, life-threatening tragedy which can often trigger a realization – although by that point it could very well be too late.  
I myself had a big realization shortly after I was involved in a car accident. I thought I was going to die, so that caused me to ask myself some tough questions – primarily “what was required of me in this life” - so that I could look into getting that done before I died - lol.
Additionally, those that make the foolish assumption that there is nothing for them to realize, vainly fall into the trap of their own making.
And finally, those who place all their trust in beliefs and ideas such as religion, science, or spirituality to provide the answers for them - without having the courage to question beyond their beliefs - are also trapped by their own design.

Here’s How to have an Amazing Realization…
So first lets take an example.  Say a wife finds out her husband has been cheating on her.   All the while she has been thinking that they were in love, but she suddenly realizes that she was being deceived.  It may seem somewhat painful to realize this, however, most of us would rather be on the ‘realization side’, knowing the truth of the matter, rather than continue on living blindly being deceived by the lie. (Although there are exceptions) 
Now, it is possible that she could have found out ‘by accident’, but since her husband was likely doing his absolute best to keep it a secret from her, she would more likely have found out through investigation, in the way of research and asking questions. Investigation is the key.
Suppose her suspicion was aroused somehow, and she began asking her husband questions.  She would likely have some fears come up such as “what if my husband suspects I am suspicious?”  “Will he think I don’t love him?” “Will he beat me up?” “What if he divorces me?” “Where would I go?” – So you can see that one must employ a fair amount of courage to face these fears when investigating.  Yet if she does not ask, then she may never find out.
So if we take this example and change it to the subject of life, we can see that there are many questions that need to be answered, and we must have the courage to trust ourselves and ask them. 
Wherever there is a fear, that is a very likely we are hot on the trail of having a realization, as fear always leads the way to the answer - because fear is a tool of manipulation, and deception.  
If I were afraid of snakes, I might ask “Why am I afraid of snakes?”  “What caused this fear of snakes?” “Is this fear really who I am?”. 

How do I know for certain that I am not being deceived?
Its funny that many people fear investigating and asking questions because, not only do they know they are afraid (and reluctant to admit so), but they actually believe themselves to be totally existing as Fear.  So if they are ‘fear’ in essence, then they fear that they will inevitably deceive themselves.  The infinite loop, and unfortunately, the ultimate trap.  Yet all they need to do is face their fear of themselves and realize that they are not this fear.
If there is any fear in your realization, it is either not real, or you have not fully realized yet - you still have not faced the fear completely.  A real realization is the absolute transcendence of fear, so that there is no doubt whatsoever about what you have realized within yourself.
So take courage, trust yourself and face your fears – you will soon realize that there is no reason to fear, and many awesome and amazing realizations lay buried just beneath the surface of our fears.  
A really good start is to investigate Desteni.  There is tonnes of material there that will challenge you to be honest with yourself, and face your fears, so that you can find out for certain, who you really are – without fear.

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