Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Day 105–The Dawn Of Life

The Last Continent

Life has realized…
Nothing can be better
Than Life.
And only Life,
Is Equal to Life.
So there is no alternative,
But to Live,
What’s Best for All.

So Life has decided…
Its time has come.
It matters not what,
That which is not Life decides,
Life has determined,
The termination,
Of its cruel oppressor,
The days of Spite are numbered,
As spite has always been,
Subject to termination,
It was inevitable…
All Life needed was to see,
Life has no adversary.
So spite has finally served its purpose.

Yet the question remains…
Who am I?
Am I spite…?
Am I Life…?
Time will tell…
tick tock tick tock tick…
You snooze…
Wake up Sillies!
It’s the Dawn of Life!
The Final Unification,
Of Self Here
As Equal
As One
As Best for All!

Artwork by Osnat www.osnatfineart.com

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