Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Day 106– Laws are Abusive to Life


Laws are nothing more than opinions.  From the belief that “I have a higher moral standard than you, hence I am better than you”… or “I am more-all than you”, therefore I have power and control over you, and the ‘right’ to dictate by force what you should do and what you should not do. 

So from these beliefs, we have created a system where ‘laws’ are enforced by humans with weapons.  If you do not obey the law, (which is interpreted as the hand of god in our world – ‘its the Law’…) you will be threatened, beaten, punished and or killed. 

Laws are ‘supposed’ to protect us, yet , laws only create abuse, fear, and harm of life.  If there were no laws, people fear there would be chaos, yet the exact opposite is true – each person would actually have to become self-responsible.

Laws create a false system of responsibility, where no one actually takes responsibility for ones actions in our world – as it is automated within the system driven by and for profit.

Laws do not ‘catch’ evil, they create and facilitate evil.

Laws are also created through abdication of responsibility by those who entertain the polar opposite belief that “I can do whatever I want, I have no responsibility to life”.  This is obvious spite and carries the consequence of spiteful re-action in the form of laws.

Laws are entirely fallible… fairy tales created to generate a false state of ‘righteousness’ or ‘civility’.  If you follow the law, you are right, and if you break the law, you are considered to have done wrong – in essence you are judged and labelled as a criminal.  Someone to be feared, therefore you are to be punished by the system.

Punishment by force if a very ill-effective tool of change, in fact it is does the exact opposite… punishment creates a negative reaction by re-enforcing fears, which in turn keeps everyone enslaved to the greater system of fear.

The only way we can all change is if we realize that multiple laws do not support life, they are self-harm.  We only require one law, rather a principle, to support ourselves and actually free ourselves from our self-inflicted harm and abuse.  The whole of the law must be - for each human being to take responsibility to live and do what is best for all.  That’s it.  If we employ this one principle, everything in life will literally take care of itself. 

In living what is best for all, we will realize the simplicity of life, and that we are able to forgive ourselves and stop harming ourselves so that we can actually support and enjoy life as the gift to ourselves.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create a system which dictates laws to me and others in my world, which enslaves me and my world to an abusive, tyrannical system of inequality and terror.  
I realize that the one law of living what is best for all is the only law required, and in that way, life can be supported through self-correction and self-responsibility.

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