Sunday, 18 November 2012

Day 109 – Hello From The Summit of Mount Stupid!

top of the mountain

I cannot stop the killing, torture, destruction, and wars of the military system.

Nor can I stop the bullying, harassment ,and abuse of the justice and legal systems.

Nor can I stop the corruption, abuse of power, and coercion of the political system.

Nor can I stop the lies, deception and distortion of the media system.

Nor can I stop the programming, conditioning and cloning of the education systems.

Nor can I prove to you how these systems are in fact abusive to life, each must see for themselves.  Though it ought to be blatantly obvious…  it is not, simply because we have allowed ourselves to become such ‘willing’ and ‘obedient’ slaves to the system - in our stupid and selfish desire to be better than each other, and our foolish fear for our own survival.

Selfish, Fearful and Foolish. 

Ahhh…  apparently this is what our ‘great evolution’ has taken us to.  Is it actually possible, for us to become any more retarded? No…,  we have in fact arrived, at the epitome of retardation and denial.  We are at the highest peak, the absolute summit, of Mount Stupid.  We cannot possibly get any higher on this baby. 

Now consider there are those in our world claiming to be wise and intelligent…  “Look how Smart I am…Here at the summit of Mount Stupidity!!!”  Wohoo… Who’s got a calculator?  Can we check the elevation…?

Those esteeming themselves to be of High ‘Moral fibre’… “Look how Right I am, on top of Wrong Mountain!!!  Please, someone take a picture…!

Those flaunting their ‘Goodness’… “Look how Good I am, on top of Mount Evil..!!!  Its times like this, we all benefit from a sudden gust of wind…

Those claiming to be ‘strong’ and/or ‘in shape’… “Look how strong I am… Whoa, check out them biceps…” atop Mount Weakness!!!  Did you really climb the whole way, or did you take the ego-lift?

Within the acceptance of myself as irresponsible to my world, and in my irresponsibility to see myself for who I really am as an Equal, and in simple common sense stand for what is best for all life, I have diminished myself and allowed myself and become subject to, and enslaved to foolishness.  In this system, I am literally forced to waste time and energy doing futile and senseless jobs that do not support life, but only boost peoples ego’s… so that I can make money, so that I can survive…?


Jesus said (Not that he was special, though some people choose to believe so, he did for the most part, understand Equality) “If you have love, you can say unto this mountain, “be thou removed and cast into the sea, and it would be done” ”.  In other words, if you cannot move a mountain, your ‘love’ is not real.  

It is only when we stand together, undivided, as Equals, Equal to the physical reality, that we can remove the mountains of Selfish Ego we have all created within ourselves, and the world as a whole.  From that starting point of Equality and Oneness, we can create Life free from the enslavement of systems, which only serve to divide, kill and destroy ourselves.  Join the Desteni I Process and see who you really are for the first time in your life.  Or, take the Free course DIP Lite, and Support an Equal Money System.

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