Monday, 26 November 2012

Day 116 –The Fraud of Believing in A Higher Power

My Higher Power

Many people hold to the idea that there is a ‘higher power’ in existence.   This is the most ‘politically correct’ form of religion, yet it is still a religion, and a beLIEf just the same.

Lets challenge this religion and belief system.

What is a ‘higher power’?  First of all, a statement such as ‘I believe in a higher power’ could mean anything, from an invisible all-powerful intelligent being (or even the possibility of such), to a ‘higher self’ separate from yourself, to a guardian angel… Maybe its your favourite teddy bear, or your cat… who knows…

Secondly, it is a way of saying that something else is in control of your life, and is more powerful than you – which is another fancy way of saying – I am content with my bewilderment, so I don’t  need to know what’s really going on, as long as I am comfortable – I’m happy with my life… fuck everyone else.

Most often, people who hold this belief deliberately leave out the specificity – likely they don’t have an explanation themselves as to ‘what it is’ - or they do so in order to avoid confrontation, perhaps embarrassed to admit they don’t understand.  This is nothing but a lame excuse, and a cop-out.  Sometimes the issue is that people fear they will be drawn into some religious belief if they were to trust themselves to take responsibility to investigate. 

God forbid people would have the courage to investigate the subject for themselves in self-honesty.  After all, what better way to cover up the question of your existence than to say ‘I simply believe in something random which cannot be defined or explained!

So, out of fear and/or selfish greed - gotta keep up with the rat race, besides, who has time to actually question what we are doing, surely someone will do that for me - people will lay claim to this vague belief system and voila!  No more worries, no more responsibility!  Secretly, they think “My Higher Power will take care of everything for me!”  “I’m special and a loving and caring person…” “I like to keep conversation light and fluffy, deep conversations are awkward…”  “Ah, life in a Bubble!”  

This is very subtle trap of self-deception, because it is through acceptance of this belief system that we justify self-dishonesty, in compliance with the greater system of deception.  Within this world system, people are generally in fear of what others will think of them, so they ‘don’t want to go there’.   Fear itself is self-dishonesty.

It’s like taking a back seat to avoid your responsibility – as within the belief in a higher power, you automatically classify yourself as ‘Less than’ the higher power, so you can have a sense of comfort, in the belief (belief on top of a belief, just pile on the lies until something sounds plausible lolol) that you are ‘free’ from the stress and anxiety of that whole messy question of ‘who am I…?’ and ‘What am I doing here?’.

I am here telling you now that this belief system is complete bullshit, as is all forms of religion if one simply does a little bit of research.  So, upon reading this, you are now aware and absolutely responsible – that is to say that, should you continue in this fraudulent belief system – you are willingly choosing to do so in ignorance and denial of your responsibility to yourself – and consequence grows ever impatient.  

I for one, am taking responsibility for myself, in changing myself to live what is best for all, so that this horrible world can wake up and realize and understand that self-dishonesty is no longer acceptable in any way whatsoever.  Life must be given Equal value, and NOT be valued by bogus dollar signs and fearful elitists who think they can bully and deceive Life in spite and selfish greed.  

All spitefulness is doomed.  

Join Desteni in supporting an Equal Money System, so we can bring an end to this complete nonsense, and actually live.

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