Sunday, 25 November 2012

Day 115 – Is God a Fraud? – Multiple Choice Quiz.


To see if an all powerful, superior, and intelligent being (God)exists, we can perform this simple test.  Ok, raise your right arm (if you have one and are able, otherwise any body part will suffice).  Now who was it that moved your arm?  Was it…

A. You
B. God
C. Both
D. Neither
E. Sometimes You, sometimes God

If you said A. You.
This is the best answer, and I will explain why.  If that is the case, then as you just demonstrated by your movement, God is not omnipotent (all powerful) because you moved by way of nothing but your own will to do so.  And if God is not omnipotent, then God is also fallible, untrustworthy, and a complete fraud.  In which case that would indicate that, by default, you are thereby responsible for everything you have done in your life, and thus you are also accountable for the mess you have contributed to making in this world through your self-willed participation, and/or negligence. 

If you chose B. God.
Then this would imply that God is in absolute control of your every movement, and thus your entire life – no matter what you choose to do – actually, there is no ‘you’ at all… you don’t even really exist! It’s all God…, so why would I even bother to communicate with a programmed clone?  Perhaps you would be so kind as to take me to your leader?  Oh that’s right, he only exists in your mind. 

If you chose C. Both. 
That would indicate that you are in fact God - one and the same. This also clearly illustrates that there is no separation between you and him/her/it, because you just proved that all decisions are made instantaneously without the need for any communication or debate.  If that is the case, then why don’t you manifest you’re every hearts desire… God?… And why don’t you perform miracles such as walking on water… God?  Why are you (God) unable and/or unwilling to stop all the wars and remove all the suffering in the world… God?  Unless of course you are a cruel God who just wants to see people suffer needlessly, in which case, you are rather lame to make people suffer for your own personal and selfish ‘glory’… poor excuse for a God you are.

If you chose D.  Neither.
Ok then perhaps you are Anonymous, or Satan, or bugs bunny, or whatever mysterious character your randomly generated pick-three-and-win multiple-personality-disorder system chooses to decide upon at any given moment. Regardless, for the purpose of this experiment, please choose a name so we may figure out if God really exists or not.

If you chose E.  Sometimes God, sometimes you. 
Interesting choice.  This ‘God’ entity must be able to take over your bodily functions at any time.  So, you must be kind of like… Gods Nintendo?  Isn’t that kind of a scapegoat though?  I mean, if you ever find yourself robbing a bank, or killing someone or something, you can just say oh ‘God made me do it’?… isn’t that the perfect excuse to get you off the hook?… it’s not irresponsible or inconsiderate to anyone of course nooo, because after all, God is Good… right!?…  And God owns everything!??…  Either that, or just embellish yourself in anything you wish, and then just ask God to hit the forgive all button and make it all better.  Everything will work out in the wash??
The problem is you would have to place your entire trust and life in Gods hands, because there is absolutely no way to tell if anyone else is actually being controlled by your ‘Good’ God… or something else.   Doesn’t it say in the bible that Satan disguises himself as an angel of light?  Tricky tricky… and quite the gamble I must say.  It also says in the bible that ‘God creates evil’ so obviously someone is telling so tall tales here.

Lets quit the make believe game, get real and take responsibility for ourselves and our world shall we.  Join the Desteniiprocess and stand with the only group that stands for real Equality in our world, as what is best for all…  And support the Equal Money System to stop the abuse that we have all created.

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