Saturday, 14 July 2012

Day 76 - One Person Can Change The World

Reading Creations Journey to Life Day 91, I am the ONE that decides, caused me to consider my decision making.  What thought processes go into making decisions?  For myself and most people in the world today, the struggle to survive is the primary motivating factor, and for survival in the world system, we need money. Those with plenty will not be so concerned with their survival, and so be motivated by other (typically)selfish desires and fears.  So money, as fear and or greed, has become the primary motivational factor in our lives.  Is this necessary to live like this?  No, absolutely not.

The point I would like to make is, we are somewhat 'stuck' in the consequential outflow of what we have all accepted and allowed in our past decision to support a system of inequality.  This because, not everyone is willing and or able to grasp what is really happening in our world and why it is so abusive to life.

Therefore those of us that actually have come to realize the trap we have lead ourselves into, realize we have no choice and no escape from what we have created in the grand scale - and we also realize this abuse must stop.  So all we can do is to stand as a group and do what we can collectively to support Equality and Equal Money for All, yet until the majority realize this fact and also support it themselves, it will not happen.  Within this there is an interesting point.   We are actually doing something.  We have all committed ourselves in the decision to stand for Equality - For the first time in the History of the Universe. And within that decision, comes a responsibility to support ourselves, eachother, and those that are humble enough to inquire how we can change ourselves to support and become the directive principle of what is best for all.   In that there is no longer any question, no more deciding. 

Yet we are still faced with daily decisions, tasks that must get done, work, and individual responsibilities must still be taken care of.  Within this there are many decisions we can make.  It is all of these seemingly small yet connected decisions that must be directed in common sense to support Equality.  The way to be sure that our decisions are supporting equality is through being honest with ourselves and our participation.  As we push ourselves to walk breath by breath and step by step, we see opportunities to share ourselves and our realizations such as I am doing now within this blog.  I am assisting those who realize their responsibility to life as a whole, and that the only way to solve the massive problems within ourselves and our world is through supporting one another as Equals. 

I had to push through resistances to write this blog tonight... I did not want to do it, I made the decision to do it for Equality, because I know that in supporting others, I will in turn be supported.  That is what we are creating life to become - that of giving as you would like to receive.  So in order to create that, we must change ourselves from self-interested beings, which takes considerable effort. I do not physically see the outflow or effect I am having, I trust that which I am absolutely certain of, which is the fact that I share this world and reality with others, and if I do not assist others to realize this, I am not taking responsibility for others as myself. 

Lets stop being ruled by senseless fears, beliefs and greed.  Lets make the decision once and for all, to change ourselves for real to create a world that actually is best for all.  Lets make the decision to make the effort to get real with ourselves so we can stop the abuse of a corrupt money system. Join Desteni and the 7 year Journey to Life, if you have the courage to face yourself and change for real and for what is best for all. 

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  1. Great that you DID push through to write this, thanks a bunch W