Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Day 79 - The Activist

Secret Mind Script:

Please Notice that I "Care" so much that I am willing to create a Care-Actor that raises Awareness to support a Good cause

It is My (Personal) Opinion, that this cause, is the BEST cause of them all, because I fear it the most.  Yes, there are other causes, but I Like this one, it was so easy to just 'copy and paste' in my mind, and I feel comfortable in this role

I Realize that all the work my character is doing will never change my cause, that's okay, because I have to keep my Hope character alive anyway... My Hope character helps me look pathetic, so others will sympathize with my Activist character 

Please Validate the role of my character I have created through your comments and support, to rejuvenate my characters energy

Please Support my character, so that I can justify in my mind why I do not have to take responsibility and Face the Truth of what I have created, and who I really AM

You don't Understand what I had to sacrifice to create this Activist Character

No, you don't understand, I have many other battles for good I am fighting, not just this one, I am Double-Worthy

Please Notice, I care so much, that I am willing to sacrifice my Main Personality Character for this Alt(alternate) character... some of the time... I hope to be able to afford to be this character most of the time, maybe even make it my main character 

My character would like to be recognized and rewarded for all the goodness I am promoting, but this character would never say that because I need to maintain my Humble character, my other Alt

Please validate my character as Loving, Compassionate, and Caring, so the Higher Power will recognize all my characters as good, and I will be rewarded a High Honor

If you don't support my character's cause, you are most likely Ignorant and Unaware of what is really going on in the world - and you are Less Than me because of this

Please Realize how much deeper my understanding of Reality is than yours, because obviously you don't understand, you don't see things the way I see them

Please Understand, that if you mock my character or my cause, I will retaliate and take revenge on you in my Secret Mind.  I will judge you and label you as evil and an abuser

I feel so Guilty.... I need a new Character to hide from myself...  Time for another Alt

Self Forgiveness for the Activist Character to follow in my next blog....

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