Monday, 16 July 2012

The Informer

 Day 77
To say that I 'gossip' is informal, derogatory, and inappropriate.  As the Informer, it is my job to inform you, so that you are aware of my secret information I prudently pass to you, so that you may be informed of the knowledge and power I possess.  I offer it as my gift to you, so that you too may possess yourself with my power.

As Master Informer, I hereby grant you, the informant, the powers of spite and corruption, so that we, in con-tract agreement together, may manipulate knowledge and information for our combined benefit, in spite of the truth.  Herein we, by our own declaration of authority and authenticity, as the owners and rulers of this power of knowledge and information, may pass judgement over others, as we have stated our authority as Masters of knowledge and information here in writing.

As the Informer, I command that you, the Informant wield this power at will - which is my will... and please do not question my authority. If you do, I will inform others about you, and you will be punished, ostracized, and labeled shameful - as all fear my authority and power, and so they will hasten to do my bidding.  Without my knowledge and power, yours will become corrupt and void, because I will reiterate my authority over you in writing, and use it to control and harm you by force. 

As the Informer, I expect you to inform others so that they too may form ideas, and opinions, on the knowledge and information I provide to you. 

As the Informer, I promise to grant you more and more power, if you obey me, and seek more of me, and lead others to me, so that I, we, may subdue them also.  That is your reward.

As the Informer, I have the power to withhold information and knowledge from you when I feel it necessary, so that I may keep you in fear of not knowing, fearing the unknown, in fear of being UN-informed.  Without my knowledge and information, you will become powerless.

As the Informer, I promise to tell you of all that you need to know, so that you may become an in-tell-agent as me, and feel as powerful as a God... with the power to destroy life.

As the Informer, I command you to bow your ear to me and pay attention, I will be your Source of information.  If you obey my commands, I will speak sweetly about you, kind words to compliment you, so that you may know my knowledge, and Worship my information.  If you do not obey my knowledge, I will make you beg for more of my information, as my information is power, energy, and your Salvation.  If your begging pleases me, then perhaps I will grant you access to more and more of my secret information, as your personal ticket to information heaven.

As the Informer, I will tell you the informant, more of my secrets, even my top-secret, classified information, so that you may become an Informer as myself.  Know that you are very important to me, as I require something of you in exchange for me imparting billions of ones and zero's of my information into your being.

As the Informer, I will entertain and seduce you with all my emotional programs of Love and Hate, I will fill you with emotional memories of the past, yours free, to access at any time you wish.  I will be your dealer, and you my insatiable, slave-addict.

As the Informer, I hereby grant you new Titles, Designations, Definitions, Personalities, Value systems, Characters, and every Imaginable Justification you can conceive.  You will become like myself - free of all responsibility, untouchable, and eventually you will attain the power of invisibility.

As the Master Informer, I command that you must always be subject to me.  In agreeing to this, I will pro-miss to protect you, I pro-miss to free you from judgment, shame, and consequence.  Remember that it pleases me that you wallow in all my endless feelings and emotions.  Is it not your primary desire to be happy?  Surely it would please you to know that I hold the key to all your personal dreams and happiness. It is my desire that you be filled with my happiness and joy programs.  Care for me, and I will happily take all worry and caring from you, and I will make you wealthy.

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  1. lol William- I forgive myself for accepting and allowing my to exist as the character of the informer and the informed at the same time and to be driven by energies to delude myself with the apparent power of information so that I can win my daily competitions regardless of the consequences that I create for myself and others.

    1. Thanks Manuela... I added a link to my next post with the Self Forgiveness Statements