Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Day 212 - A Reflection

Looking from the other side...

As it is certain, you are going to die.

So consider for a moment,

You are now dead.

As you look back on your life,

You realize the great shame that you existed as,

The whole world is a shameful place,

So none are exempt

You played your part,

And worst of all,

You denied it all.

You denied yourself Life.

You accepted the system, the program,

You supported it, and encouraged it,

You reveled amidst the Massacre of Life

There's no point denying it now.

You gave up the Greatest Love of All,

Equality as Life,

Afraid of what people would think of you,

If you were Honest with yourself,

You traded Reality for the Illusion,

And refused the Gifts of Self Forgiveness and Change,

While the physical was always right here as You,

In every moment.

"Why did I not See!!!"  You try to scream,

But you have no voice,

You are dead.

You exist now only as a single point of reflection.

You misplaced your Trust,

You accepted the bribe in your secret mind,

You thought no one would Ever find out,

But you Knew

You valued your own Opinions,

What you thought was Right and Good,

Nothing but Lame Excuses and False Justifications...

All worthless now.

You proved that All you Really wanted,

Was Your Dreams, and Your Selfish Desires, for You,

The You who you BeLIEved yourself to be in your Imagination,

You fell for the cheapest lie.

You were too busy to care for real,

Too obsessed with yourself to give a fuck about Life

Now you realize...

It is over.

You had your chance,

To Stand Equal to Life,

But your sudden death was tragic,

And now you have no expression

Ask yourself this...

What would you Give,

Given the chance to go back?

Anything? ...Everything.

That is the Only Gift,

Worthy of Life

Yet when you are dead,

It is too late.

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