Monday, 20 May 2013

Day 225 - What if?

What if you are god, but you got amnesia and forgot who you were?

What if you became lost in your own creation with no way out?

What if you realized that you were somehow abducted as a child, and a virus/program was inserted into you, and your memory was wiped of the experience... this so that you would never question the system you exist within, even if it is obvious that billions suffer in your world?  

What if you were brainwashed into believing a system of ideas, even the very idea that you were never brainwashed... And if anyone ever suggested you were brainwashed, your brainwashing would kick-in to defend your belief that you are not, and never were, brainwashed?

What if your whole reality was constructed to validate your ideas so as to try and get you to fall for the biggest and most obvious lie - because apparently everyone else believes it... would you know the difference?

What if your creation turned out to be a giant Chinese finger trap that you couldn't solve... and the more you tried to escape, the more it squeezed you, and the more fearful you became, until you surrendered to fear once again?

What if somewhere along the line you gave in to fear altogether, and decided never to question the system, but to just be content with your enslavement trap?

What if you became part of a dangerous cult and you didn't even know it?

What if you realized that every group, company, or organization within a corrupt economic system suits the description of a cult, and that the word cult only exists in your mind as a definition based in knowledge and information connected to an image of fear - as another way to keep you enslaved...?

What if you died and crossed over to the other side, only to realize you wasted your life on self-interest, and denied the opportunity to forgive yourself and change when you had the chance.?

Join the Journey to Life and find the undeniable answer for yourself.

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