Sunday, 26 May 2013

Day 230 - Agreements

The point of relationship/agreement came up within me today as it often does.  So looking at the point is somewhat perplexing as it has so many facets, so many variables, and so many unknowns... like a massive web of uncertainty... This must be Shelob's Lair haha.   The question I ask myself is... "What is My Relationship to Life?"

One of the main points I see within this is in the past the relationships that I have had have been based on self-interest, so from a certain perspective it was easy as I was just trying to get what I wanted.  Then as any challenge presented itself, there was nothing holding me (system wise or self) to any relationship, because I was aware that it was all self-interest on both ends.

Another point is that I realize that there are rewards from an agreement, yet I do not always consider that there are challenges as well, yet with applying oneself self-honestly, there is always the realization that there is always a solution that is best for all, and the rewards will outweigh the problems as they provide the lasting solution to the problems.

Another point I see within myself is considering the fragility of our existence, the many factors and fears which come into play based on this ought to be enough to make anyone question and wonder what the hell is really going on here, obviously far, far more than meets the eye.  

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear my own existence as within the definition of being fragile and so use this definition as a justification to not move myself, subjecting myself to fear in fearing for my own survival.

Another point is self-acceptance and do I fully accept myself enough to support myself and another within an agreement?  That is to say to walk in all ways that support self in the process of walking, pushing resistances, trusting oneself and changing oneself to support one another to be the best that each one can be.   As I look at this point I become more aware of physical uniqueness and being able to embrace that as myself and within another.   I am committed to myself regardless of whether or not an agreement is reached with another or not, I will walk alone if necessary, as I have for many years.

Related to this is the actual practicality, which has an endless amount of obstacles on it's own, all attached to every other point all leading back to the starting point of myself here in my decision to live what is best for all.

Another point being that within our current system, financial stability has a great deal to do with what/how/when/why/who relationships/agreements are established, and to the extent that a person's/couples complete identity is based on a financial statement.  This - complete bullshit - stifles Life out of everyone and everything yet at the same time I realize the necessity of self support, so the point has to be taken into consideration as always within the context of what is best for all.  
Clearly there are many other points as this barely scratches the surface. Overall there is greater potential as strength in numbers and coordinated support, yet the task of creating it remains to be seen.

I realize Desteni has an Agreement Course which will definitely be worth while looking into as a foundational support for establishing an agreement.

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