Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Day 220

How can anyone deny the sickness that is our world?   Is our desire for selfish experience so alluring, so tantalizing that we cannot even see - what is the actual cost, the consequence of our collective, childish inconsideration, blatant irresponsibility, and our cruel humiliation of Life?   What massive mental block exists within ones mind that would prevent someone from seeing the reality of our situation on this planet?

It's the Ego of course, the Mind stuck on a singular track, powered by positive and negative states, like a continual roller-coaster ride, up and down, up and down, and all over again. .

All one has to do is to simply look around and observe how snowed and scared everyone is... complete zombies looking for their next energetic stimulation/addiction so that we can, for a little longer, Fake that we are alive - content to play the game and just 'see what happens!'...  As long as I can hope for love and happiness!?!  It's not  actual happiness that we enjoy though, but the constant energetic thrill in the hoping and believing that we can get 'more happiness' in the future, and finally satisfy our deepest craving by storing a memory - yet it never satisfies - because it's not real.  All it really is, is the dishonest desire to find more and more energy as 'happiness' - hoping that it will make amends for all the guilt and shame we feel inside, but it does not do this... and real happiness can never be found in chasing after fake happiness.

There is only one way to real happiness, as there is only one solution to our world.  There is one group that supports what is best for all Life, there is one principle that upholds the value of Life as Equality.  You can argue till you are 6 feet in the ground, sunk in the sea, or merely a pile of ashes, but your opinion will not affect the physical reality, as the absolute law of what is here.  Investigate Desteni and take the free course to see if you can find it within yourself to stand for Life.

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