Friday, 10 May 2013

Day 215 - Catching and Removing the Virus

The only way to extricate the virus/parasite of fear which subverts me, takes away my responsibility, and consumes me, is to stand within and as myself - undivided, constant, self-directed, here in each and every breath.  As long as not all of my breaths are self-directed, I am divided, I am not standing here in every moment as one with all of myself, and the program is still being given permission to run.

A monumental task it would appear, as to do this would mean giving up all that I ever thought I was and believed myself to be.  To abandon that which I have always trusted as my mind, and trust my physical body in each and every moment and situation I am in - This going against all the programming how we have been trained to trust our minds as knowledge and information.  Trained to trust all the judgments of what is right and what is wrong... what is good and what is bad - To the extent that our bodies seem to send us mixed signals because we have allowed the programming to control us for so long.   We don't believe we can change, yet we created it all, and we are allowing it.

The system/program is granted access to Self through permissions, where the program possesses all the attributes of authenticity based on past accepted and allowed protocols.  If the program is questioned, it immediately executes within itself three or more consecutive justification sub-programs so as to affirm itself, and thereby Self recalls/defines/classifies it's unique and specific identity.  These justification sub-programs are the thought-triggers for specific feeling/emotional reactions so that Self can use the liaison of the justification as a point of separation and thus blame.  This, so that Self may feel 'free' to indulge in self-interest, as the pursuit of happiness/bliss program executes within self in the belief that Self is separate.

More energetic-thought-programs are then executed with the sole purpose of producing the chemical reaction in the body which in turn produce the euphoric states such as what is referred to as 'love'.  Self then claims to be in a state of preoccupation, and thus believes Self to be justified through identification/blame and so can avoid taking responsibility for Self as who Self really is.

Self then conforms Self according to the design of the program in a repeating cycle of which Self believes Self to be 'unaware' of any problem, (this is just the way it is...) as the program does not calculate consequence into the equation - because if physical consequence were actually taken into consideration, the program would never be granted permission to execute itself, as consequence is suffering and death.  

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