Saturday, 18 May 2013

Day 223 - Desire

A strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.
Strongly wish for or want (something).
noun.  wish - longing - craving - request - lust - will - want
verb.  wish - want - will - crave - like - yearn - long - covet

So what is a Desire?  To give a random vague definition to this word as the dictionary is somewhat lacking and must be considered irresponsible.

If we examine a little deeper into what exactly is a Desire, and where does it come from, we can find some revealing patterns and associations develop.

Desire in itself is not 'bad' or 'good'.  What is definitely 'bad' is when Desire stems from dishonesty and deliberate spitefulness, so that terrible consequence is created.  So within self-introspection, if I see a point of Desire within me, I test to see if the Desire supports what is best for all, because I am aware that if it does, then I am ok with my inner self and my outer world.  If a Desire masks a form of greed, where I seek to get more for myself, to try and make myself better than others, then there is a problem.  The key point to realize is that if I delude myself within a selfish Desire, and so do not realize the great gift of life - as giving and sharing as you would like to receive - then I am in serious shit, because I have compromised myself, my self honesty, for a temporary high and a quick fix.

When we do not take responsibility to support Equality of Life, we are allowing dishonesty and spite to go unchecked in our world, and therefore we are the direct contributors to the problem through our acceptance and allowance as neglect.


I was walking down the road on a very hot day in downtown Acapulco,  I saw a scruffy looking man coming towards me, he had a distasteful scowl on his face and looked me right in the eye as if he wanted to show me something.  He had a bucket half filled with water and he spilled some out on the boiling hot sidewalk along with a 12" catfish.  He held his taunting glare as he walked past, as if daring me to run and save the fish he had left behind to die a painful death.  I cringed at the sight of the fish's last moments fighting for air on the burning hot concrete.

This man's only desire was to see another being suffer needlessly, and so to get a reaction from me.  Why was I surprised when this kind of senseless abuse is a constant ongoing thing in this world, only not within our vision.  The constant torture of existence, where no one has the capacity to care.  All place imaginary borders in their head, cutting ourselves off from realizing the fabricated illusion of separation.  Subjecting ourselves to a system of absolute denial and blatant stupidity as if this life we live is a FTW Free for All.

We will even deny the fact that we are denying the fact - and then believe that we will somehow get away Scott-free.  We have a great deal of work to do if we would like to be Life on this planet.

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More to come on this....

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