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Day 122–The Revised Alchemical Process of Self-Perfection


Alchemy was an influential philosophical tradition whose early practitioners' claimed profound powers which were known from antiquity. The defining objectives of alchemy are varied; these include the creation of the fabled philosopher's stone possessing powers including the capability of turning base metals into the noble metals gold or silver, as well as an elixir of life conferring youth and longevity.
The problem was, Alchemists never fully understood the nature of the problem they worked so hard to resolve, and so, without having a proper starting point, all efforts were in vain.
Here is a relative description of different stages of the alchemical processes and how they can relate and assist self in the process of self-realization and self-discovery.

1. Ablation
The separation of a component by removing the upper part, sometimes by skimming it off the surface.
The realization that we have separated ourselves through belief systems and thinking we are better than the physical reality, not realizing the consequences of such or who we are.
2. Stratification
An operation which produces layers in the substance in the flask.
The realization that we have separated ourselves into many layers of thought, space, and time.

3. Albification
The making of the matter in the alchemical work become white.
Trying to purify ourselves through self-righteous thoughts, beliefs and valuations in thinking we are ‘better than’ ourselves as the physical.

4. Ascension
When the active or subtle part rises up in the flask, usually by heating.
The attempt to escape oneself through raising ones vibration and creating make believe fantasies of the mind.  This erroneous belief only leads to diminishment, as one believes the fallacy that energy can exist forever, while energy feeds off and thus requires the physical to exist.

5. Conjunction
The joining of two opposite components, often seen as the union of the male and female, the subtle and gross, or even the elements.
The realization that thoughts and judgements exist in polarities (conflict) with one another which create energy, which depletes the physical.

6. Cineration
The reduction of a substance to ashes by heating.
The realization that our physical bodies are composed of physical elements of the earth, and as such are subject to return to the earth at any given moment at which time all our personalities, beliefs and memories will cease to exist.

7. Crystallization
The formation of crystals out of a solution of the substance usually in water, either by their gradual formation from the liquid, or by evaporation of the liquid.
The realization that ones thoughts, feelings, and emotions crystalize within ones physical body and are thus used to keep us enslaved to patterns of the past.

8. Decrepitation
The crackling and splitting apart of substances, for example common salt, on heating.
Investigating and dissecting ones belief systems through research to simplify and test whether they actually contain any real value.

9. Division
The separation of a substance into its elements.
The realization that thought is not composed of any physical elements.

10. Corrosion
The eating up of a substance by an acid, alkali or corrosive material.
The acid test of self-honesty one applies within oneself to test whether or not one’s beliefs are valid in that they support life, or they are corrosive and/or destructive to oneself and others.

11. Dissolution
The dissolving or transforming of a substance into a liquid.
Dissolving ones belief systems to become physical.

12. Descension
When the subtle or active part of a substance is made to go down to the bottom of a flask, rather than ascend as a vapour.
Seeing the truth of oneself as having participated in creating hell on earth, as placing oneself in the shoes of the lowest, most reviling existence, thus realizing ones responsibility to change.

13. Exhalation
The release of a gas or air from a substance.
Applying oneself within breathing (including inhalation) as the key to supporting oneself in transcending the mind.

14. Digestion
The slow modification of a substance by means of a gentle heat.
Grasping the truth of oneself through slowing oneself down in process.

15. Elaboration
The general term for the process of separating the pure from the impure, and leading a substance towards perfection.
Self-purification through eliminating that which does not support life (thoughts, beliefs, opinions, judgements etc.) and changing oneself to become that which does support life, as the physical.

16. Incineration
The conversion of a substance to ashes by means of a powerful fire.
Incinerating ones thought patterns and memories through the process of self-forgiveness.

17. Maturation
A general term applied to identify the appearance of a degree of perfection in the work.
Becoming stable in ones process of taking responsibility to change oneself in applying oneself to live what is best for all.

18. Mortification
Here the substance undergoes a kind of death, usually through a putrefaction
Facing the fact of one’s created consequential death, and thus using the current opportunity to create oneself as Life.
19. Purgation
The purging or purifying of a substance by it casting forth a gross part.
Applying oneself within self-forgiveness and self-correction to purge thoughts, memories and patterns of the past so that one can change to support oneself and others as an Equal.

20. Rectification
The purification of the matter by means of repeated distillations, the distillate being again distilled.
Repeated self-correction through cross-referencing with others walking the process.

22. Reiteration
The repetition of a process, particularly applied to circular distillation, in which the distillate is returned to the vessel, and the process continued for many cycles.
Consistent application and commitment so that one does not repeat the cycles and patterns of the mind, and so can break and/or transcend the limitations of such patterns.

23. Transmutation
The action of changing or the state of being changed.
The realization that self-change is possible and not confined to the limitations and belief systems of the mind.

24. Resolution
This occurs when substances which are mixed together become violently separated by being placed into a solution.
When one no longer participates in patterns of self-sabotage

25. Restinction
Here a substance at white heat is brought to perfection by being quenched in an exalting liquid.
The white heat representing the realization of the cruelty that we currently exist as, and so the exalting liquid is the realization of the possibility of self redemption through becoming the living example of Equality as physically living what is Best for All.

26. Revivification
The bringing of a mortified matter back to life, or reactivating it.
Undertaking the 7 year Journey to Life.

27. Conception
The marriage or union of the male and female aspects of substances.
Birthing Life in the physical for the first time ever in existence.

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