Friday, 7 December 2012

Day 125–Every Business is A Pyramid Scheme


It quite obvious to see within corporations where you have a CEO, the executives, the managers and all the rest of the ‘white collars’ at or near the top of the pyramid.  Lets not forget the shareholders of course, their only function is see to it that profit is being generated, regardless of how many have to suffer for it.  Another part of the scheme exists within the government in positions of power where tax dollars are collected (not to mention kick backs, bribes, secret deals, blatant theft etc. etc.) all to feed the system of control whereby we are all kept enslaved to the who charade. 

White collar workers of course do no physical labour, that is too petty and demeaning for beings of such ‘high intelligence’.  What great intelligence indeed, to maintain ones position and financial advantage despite the consequences to the rest of the world.  Oh of course they are always quick to offer grandiose charitable donations in the public eye so that everyone can see how righteous and good hearted they are. 

As we go down the pyramid we find the blue collar workers, working and slaving hard to serve their masters.  We all need to survive right?  So as long as I make a pay check, it doesn’t matter what kind of work I am doing..?  I always wondered who actually constructed the bombs that fell on Hiroshima, did they consider what impact their labor would have?  Or did they just pass it off as their job?

The point is we are all part of the big scheme, because we all participate and allow an abusive system to exist.  Every transaction is a contribution to the scheming. We are all responsible, even the small business man is part of it.  Just because small business is a few bricks down from the top, does not make them any less responsible. Big business would not survive without small businesses. 

Obviously large corporations are not going to change, they are quite comfortable abusing the system and raping the planet.  So what is the responsibility of the small business man?  You cannot abstain from doing business.  Therefore there is only one REAL solution to the problem.  That is to support the replacement of the current abusive system – Capitalism and Consumerism - with one that actually has absolute integrity to support all life on this planet.  The solution is simple – Equal Money for All.  The system that is not drive by profit, but driven by supporting each other as Equals and doing business that is best for all in Common Sense.  Its time to topple this whole pyramid and start doing business for real.

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