Saturday, 9 March 2019

Day 378 - Recent Dreams

March 9

Dream 1 - Church
I was in a large building, rather dimly lit and ambient.  It was a school and church combined.   I was walking in the hallways and looking into various rooms.  Mostly kids, but everyone was enjoying themselves.  One large auditorium I went into, I recall standing in the row of chairs and all of the people around me were falling around me, and as I was falling I could feel people poking my ribs and tickling me. 

Dream 2 - Dream within a dream.

 I recall dreaming of places I had been and things I had seen.  During the dream I distinctly realized that these images had triggered my other dreams. 

Dream 3 – Old house

I was walking around in a shopping center type of location. I was on a second floor, and looking out a window I could see an enclosed walking bridge that connected the shopping center across the road.  Next scene I was going down an escalator with lots of people around, it was quite busy.  Then I found myself following some strange woman down a side street.  She took a turn into an old small house which had an old fashioned sign out front above the door.  I was slightly concerned that she might be concerned that I was following her, however I was so interested and excited to explore this little house I just kept on her trail.  She went through these little hallways barely big enough for a person to walk through with stairs down and then up, then a left, and a right.  We went by a kitchen with someone cooking.  It was very quaint and I assumed it was the owner who had an apron on.  The next thing I recall was waking up in that house to a bright sunny day, I looked out the window and saw a relatively long red barn with many brown barn doors with white trim.  I remember thinking to myself in the dream that this was my home and I would be quite sad to have to leave it behind.  

Dream 4 – Creepy Church

I was with an old girlfriend (call her N) and there were some (about 3) younger kids with us.  For whatever reason I recall she had a severe burn on the back of her upper left arm.  We decided to go for a drive downtown.  I was driving and we came up to a busy construction zone.  There was a large boom truck lifting a very heavy palette up (about 20 feet) and to the right as we came up behind the truck.  The palette ended up falling off the boom.  Luckily I could see this coming and swerved to the right, crashing into a pile of sand, narrowly avoiding what would have been a terrible accident.  We all bailed out of the car in a panic and got separated.  It was a very busy intersection, so I took a staircase down below ground to see if I could cross the road that way.  Everything down there was in disrepair as I made my way across to the other side of the road and up the stair.  

The next scene I found myself in a very strange and ancient style of church building.  It was a creepy place, very dark with a ceiling that went all the way up to the spire (300 feet or so).  There were 4 sets of metal stairs covered with spikes and decorative work. They lead inward coming from the sides of the church and leading downward into the belly or lower section at an extreme angle that was nearly impossible to descend or ascend.  I saw a kid fall as he tried to descend down one set of stairs.  Clinging to the rail with great care I was able to make it down safely to the lower section.  There were sculpted, varnished oak pews all around that were covered in a red velvety fabric.  They went up and back to the walls at a very steep angle, all empty.  There was an old priest that was walking around in robes with incense, mumbling to himself.  As I walked around I noticed that the sound in this place was muffled.  When I tried to speak there was no audible noise.  I noticed on the floor in each of the four sections there was a child size painted wooden Russian doll.  The mouth on one of them was damaged and covered with what appeared to be a blood stain.  

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