Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Day 269 - Misunderstanding or Denial?

We could say that, the collective state of Human Behavior is entirely a consequence of one Big Misunderstanding... and from a certain Perspective, that would be accurate because, it is Clear and Obvious that, for all of our Education, People do not Grasp, or Realize the True Nature of Our Interconnected Reality.  If we did, Then we would Not be allowing so much Abuse in Our World. This leads us to the following questions...

Why is there a Big Misunderstanding in Humanity?

Why do we Remain in this State of Misunderstanding?

What is Required to Change so that we no longer Misunderstand Each Other and our Reality?

The Key to Solving these Questions is in Resolving this most Intriguing Riddle...

Why is there a Tremendous Amount of Suffering in Existence?

Most would agree, that (this suffering) is primarily Justified (accepted and allowed) by Collectively Divided Beliefs and Opinions of a Higher Power, and that this Higher Power is using Suffering as a means of 'Teaching us' How to Love, or Ascend to a Higher Realm, or Evolve into some Imaginary form of Perfection.  If we investigate these Beliefs honestly, it will not take very long to come to the Conclusion that they are all Unsubstantiated, Nonsensical, Fairy-Tale Delusions, established for the Purpose of Centralized Control of Society and Human Behavior.

Fascinatingly, most people accept these Beliefs and Opinions, either Overtly or Discretely as terms of a Compromise, for which the Trade-off being... 'Comfort' as a Security Blanket to keep us Safe - in Exchange for - Accepting and Allowing Dishonesty, as the Mental State of Fear, Secretly Aware and Excited by the Dangerously Addictive Game of... 'Perhaps I will be the One who Rises to Greatness - or Perhaps I will be the One who Suffers Greatly'!  So in Essence, our lives are Fueled and Controlled by this Subtle Fear Stimulus... and that Fear is Directly Caused by our Deliberately accepted and allowed Beliefs, used as Justifications for Dishonesty.

This is Not Difficult to Understand, yet many will Not Investigate, Because they are Afraid of what they may Find... Perhaps Afraid because they know they will have to Surrender to the Fact they have Lived a Lie, and therefore will have no Choice but to Change.  This Realization is like a form of Death - Which Everyone is so Fearful of - As the Death of our Highly Valued Personal Belief Systems.  Hence the 'Big Misunderstanding'... Or is it Really Blatant Denial?  If so, then what is the Actual, Full Consequence of this Blatant Denial?  Shame on us All for Allowing this in our Shared Physical Existence.

Most people do not Realize, the Fact that we can Change, and that that Process of Change is not something to be Feared, but rather Embraced.  It can actually be Very Rewarding... it just takes the Courage to make the Decision to drop the Charade, in taking the Responsibility to be Honest with Ourselves and Stand for Life.

I Forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Justify my Misunderstanding of Reality, why I Believe I do not need to take Responsibility to Research, Investigate, and Understand for Myself, in Self-Honesty.

I Forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Protect the Lie, and Protect Misunderstanding, because I Desire to Feel Safe in Self-Interest as a Compromise of Life Itself.

I Forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Exist Blindly, never Standing up to take Responsibility for Myself to See what is Really Going On, and Why Suffering exists as a Consequence of My accepted and allowed Beliefs which Serve as a Justification for my own Self-Interest at the Expense of Others.

I Forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Feel Good about Myself because I Believe I am Not Religious, when in fact This Very Belief is in Fact a Religion of Self-Righteousness as my Justification for why I don't have to Take Responsibility to Stand for the Only Solution to the Misunderstanding, Confusion, and Disgrace of Life.

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