Thursday, 14 April 2016

Day 266 - Pushing the Resistances

If my intent to be best for all is real, then having cleared (forgiven) myself of past memories, guilt, and regret, I clear myself within my starting point to here in breath. Then I move myself in what I am aware of as being best for all, as that possibility - among the multitude of others - is existent, and unique in that it will have a physical (and possibly/likely a mental) resistance preceding it, as the mind attempting to deflect all movement into programmed consciousness as self-interest.

I will myself to create myself to make change constant within myself in order that I become what is best for all life, in pushing through energetic resistances to where no choice can exist... And in so doing, I will free myself from the enslavement of choice.

I no longer accept and allow any excuses within myself as to why I cannot push myself to be here breath by breath, constantly and continuously pushing myself into the resistances which prevent me from Standing for Life in each moment.

The very bottom line which I can see within myself, and realize without question is that - without Equality, as the process of becoming Life, my life has no value within this system, as the evidence that money holds more value than Life, and so I can be easily replaced at any time, with any one of the hosts of other humans who are simply looking for money as a means of survival.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I require, or must have, some form of Love or affection, as a written, verbal, or physical confirmation that some individual cares about me in order for me to move myself and remain content and stable in existence. I have proven this to be false. It is clear and obvious to me that Life Cares for Life, yet because of accepted and allowed Dishonesty, Real Life is yet not fully realized within humanity, thus I must create myself as Care for All Life in Self-Honesty, as the full and only valid definition of Reciprocity that will sustain Life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I have free will to make whatever choices I like in self-interest. I realize that our apparent 'free will' that we live in our world system merely deflects and attempts to hide the outflows of ill consequence, so that we do not see or experience directly the extreme suffering created by our delusional 'free will', as the deliberate refusal to stand for Life at the expense of other living beings.

How can we openly deny, justify, accept, and allow this sadistic game?

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