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Day 267 - Inauthenticity

Simple Online Definition of Inauthentic
: not real, accurate, or sincere : not authentic

In Awe then tic - as if to be momentarily stunned by beauty, then as a dimension of time

How is Inauthenticity harmful, deceitful, and a defense mechanism?

How can we address Inauthenticity within ourselves and/or others, without being harsh, or judgmental?

In My Own Words

An inauthentic person is someone who unconsciously holds a false perception, belief, or opinion of reality within the fear of loss, even though that fear may well be unsubstantiated.

False perceptions then manifest as 'false character', which is then projected into conversational interactions, where external validation is sought from a second party in order to justify and validate the false perception(s) and character(s).  This is done so that one may sustain ones 'false character' and perceptions, and thus ones positional advantage within relationships and society as a whole.  This is all very cunningly accomplished, and inevitably leads to harmful, manipulative, and abusive behavior.

Inauthenticity is a consequence of being dishonest with ourselves in even the most innocuous of circumstances in our past, where we have not 'owned up' to ourselves and everyone else about how we really feel.  Within this, we learned that we can get away with 'little white lies' where people in our relationships have accepted and allowed our Self-dishonesty.  What is really sad, is that Inauthenticity comes from placing our self-interested desires before that of being truthful to ourselves and others.  This is unacceptable, and will not stand the test of Life.

An authentic person will recognize the truth of themselves, and readily admit when they are being dishonest with themselves and others.  An authentic person recognizes their own Equality within the human condition, and that the life force is Equal in All, therefore each one has Equal value.  An authentic person would not seek to deceive another, or portray a false character in order to achieve a selfish objective, nor will they allow themselves to be directed and controlled by fear in any way.

Authentic people readily accept their Equal Responsibility within society and relationships, and would not wish to be inferior or superior or a master or a slave.  An authentic person would not willingly diminish, belittle, bully, ridicule, shame, abuse, deceive or harm another person.  An authentic person would gladly share and communicate with others in the desire to cooperate and understand so that a solution can be found that best suits everyone, including those not present.    

An authentic person is humble and sincere, embraces change, and does not react in fear.

An authentic person will rather address the source of a problem, as opposed to treating only the symptoms.

It is to our shame that our financial system forces people who are less fortunate to be Inauthentic in order to survive.  Simply put, be Inauthentic or Die... says the capitalistic mentality.  This is the direct result of our collective negligence and deliberate refusal to take responsibility to create a solution that supports Life in Self-honesty, and this is why we all deserve the death that comes to everyone.  We have not been Honest with ourselves.

The solution is simple.  Learn to forgive ourselves, correct and change ourselves so that we can realize how to live in a way that supports Life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be Inauthentic within my words, and how I place myself insincerely within relationships in my world.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be Inauthentic within my relationship to myself, in that I have not investigated deeply into myself in order to see the starting point of why I have allowed myself to deceive myself, which is fear of loss.  Within that, I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be directed and controlled by the fear of loss, as loss of possessions, loss of finances, loss of relationships, loss of beliefs and opinions, and loss of character.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create Inauthenticity within my world by way of allowing false characters to exist, and so justify their behavior as valid and excusable through spitefulness to Life as a Whole.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I can get away with being Inauthentic and Self-dishonest. I realize that there is in fact no way to escape myself, and that I will eventually have to face my own dishonesty, as the disgrace and dishonor that it is.  Within this, I realize that this life that I live, is my One opportunity to Forgive myself, so that I may correct myself and change, so that All Life may be Free from Enslavement.

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