Thursday, 7 April 2016

Day 261 - So Sayeth Happiness

I just want Everyone to be Happy!
Especially those around me
To help protect the Lie
Besides that
I really don't Care who must Suffer and Die

I deserve Happiness... don't I?
No one can take that away... isn't that what they say?
After all, I've worked so very hard to achieve it
And I'll even use the Law if need be

I'll just Make myself, Happy!
Because those that Suffer for my Happiness
Are Beyond the borders of My mind
And Hey, I give to charity

Because in my Happy Place
My Warm, Fuzzy, Safe
Nothing can Hurt Me
And no one else can see
The Real Me

Lowlife and Scum deserve what they get
Our Enemies must be Reminded and Punished
God knows why they Exist
My Guess is, they did not serve my Sweet Happiness

My mind is Real
Because I SAY it is!
I do not Have to Listen to You
And I do not Care what you Say!
You do not make Me Happy!

Why should I care?
I can just walk away
See, you don't exist
In my mind
I can just brush you away...

Happiness is the Lie
Created in the Prison of our Minds.
In trying to escape 
The Reality,
Of Suffering
Which is why we All need the Key

If we Seek to be Free,
Then Happiness may Die,

If We Long to be Life,
Then Happiness will Die,

If we Care for All Life,
Then Happiness shall Die,

This Happiness Must Die,
All Deception Must Die

And I am still Here

In Breath


No need for Happiness

As Separate from Me

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