Sunday, 27 March 2016

Day 252 - Mental Barriers to Communication

     1. Ego

     Any exchange of knowledge and/or information where the premise is subject to or tainted by, any (or all) of the following;

          a) False Presumption and/or False Assumption. Any misunderstanding or lack of understanding of the actual nature of the subject, and/or our shared collective reality, (either through lack of research and understanding, or deliberate spite, or neglect) within the context of the process of the creation of Life as Equal.  This including how the physical reality operates and functions within the Principle of Oneness and Equality, and of Universal Karma (Give as you would like to receive).

         b) Belief - (held at large). For example, religion, indoctrination, ethics, dogmatism, ideology, moral belief, logic, reason... Including any and all stance or rationale(s) which (listed or unlisted here) infer or imply judgement and/or condemnation, and are thus inherently manipulative and based in Self-Interest.

        c) Opinion - (held by a single individual, or a small group of individuals). For example, perceptions, personal biases, morality based ideas, teachings, theories, vendettas... Including any and all rationale(s) which (listed or unlisted here) infer or imply judgement and/or condemnation, and are thus inherently manipulative and based in Self-Interest.

        d) Personality. Including any mental character design, learned or acquired behavioral pattern or trait used for the purpose or intent of diminishing, harming, or abusing another in Self Interest.

All of which detract from authentic, self-honest communication, and therefore must be *treated and corrected. 

    2. Self-Dishonesty

     Deliberate neglect (whether aware, or unaware) of the realization and understanding of one's own self-responsibility to stand for Life. This often falls within the belief that one is free (despite the obvious fact that all are living in a shared physical reality) and as such, any being thereby falsely justified, believes that one can thus choose to live in Self-Interest, in spite of the Universal Common Sense Principle which states that;

          a) All shall live in accordance to what is Best for All Life - in order that Life may be free from all enslavement. If one believes oneself to be free, that one is clearly deceived, and thus self-dishonest... as none are Free until All Life is Free.

     3. Relationship and Agreement Inequality

Unequal terms (as the starting point) of a relationship wherein disparity is contained within a Hierarchical structure (i.e. boss/employee, master/slave relationship). 

          a) There exists no authentic communication within this type of (verbal, physical, or written) exchange, but rather a distraction from Self here, thus self dishonesty and self dis-empowerment. 

          b) This system of exchange is solely designed and perpetrated to accomplish only the (self-interested) goals of those who would profit from the aforementioned agreement. All interaction(s) carried out with the purpose of exchanging knowledge and information, whether consensual or not, are thus limited within the confines of the terms of that initial agreement, thereby rendering all attempts at communication predetermined from the start, as the agreement is one of control, a.k.a. a condescending dictatorship. 

          c) The context of this type of agreement can be further expounded to illustrate the foundation of the consensual (verbal, physical, or written) contract within such a limited agreement. Any exchange of information is existing within the belief that;

             i) One being is superior (or conversely inferior) to the other, thus diverting all outcomes into self-interested, polarized results which are inevitably favorable to one party (like), and unfavorable to another (dislike), thus necessitating the exchange of currency in attempts to correct for the imbalance.

                 A) Currency exchange or credit is subject to central manipulation, power, and control, and is therefore an unacceptable means of correction for unequal (self dishonest) exchange. It is necessary to understand that within our current economic system, currency exchange is permissible by the laws we have created, and as such, many utilize this exchange as a means of survival until an Equal economic system can be implemented - this is not dishonesty, but taking responsibility to stand within our creation in order to change it to something that is Equal to Life.  Once an Equal economic system is in place, we will eventually come to the realization that knowledge and information is best shared openly for the purpose of creating what is Best for All Life.

   4. Emotional States and Reactions

Fear as the primary example, is often a severely limiting communication barrier, as it is innately infused (by communicator, communicatee, or both) with distrust.  In some cases, fear is used deliberately with the intent of manipulation of another being in order to achieve self interest. Examples of feelings and emotions most often reactionary based; 

          a) Hate, blame, jealousy, revenge, anger, rage, etc 


         b) Any reactionary feeling or emotional response which is not an unconditional, self-created expression honoring Life Here, thus carrying a resonant outflow or consequence, and as such, shall be addressed, diagnosed, and *treated, firstly at the source of the condition so that the condition may be corrected and brought to a resolution in the Best interest of All Life.

* (treated) self-treated with assistance and support of the one group which stands in support of what is Best for All Life.  This to the realization and understanding of the process of using the tools of self-honesty, self-forgiveness, and self-correction.

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