Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Day 243 - Life can be Free

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create a world full of...

Lies, corruption,
oppression, rape, torture, terror,
denial, neglect, destruction,
deception, killing, lust, greed,
consumerism, consumption,
murder, violence, abuse, imprisonment,
foolishness, enslavement, segregation,
discrimination, racism, species-ism, brainwashing,
debauchery, humiliation, shame, disgrace, disease,
cannibalism, secrecy, war, pollution, waste,
bullying, fear, insanity, grief, inequality, sloth, wrath,
revenge, ego, conceit, torment, despair, blame, jealousy,
fascism, hate, envy, anger, gluttony, enmity, animosity,
suicide, delusion, separation, discrimination, crime,
condemnation, hierarchy, stupidity, arrogance, conflict, beliefs,
opinions, atrocity, tragedy, falseness, trauma, suppression,
resentment, theft, abduction, addiction, coercion, bribery,
duality, exclusion, imposition, sacrifice, carelessness,
inconsideration, intoxication, subversion, threatening,
intimidation, depression,oligarchy, deforestation,
irresponsibility, disregard, conflict, self-interest,
narcissism, entitlement, starvation, degradation,
recklessness, blackmail, agony, hypocrisy, injustice,
misleading, propaganda, subterfuge, bewilderment,
obliviousness, spite, aggression, fraud, sabotage,
exploitation, desperation, and death.

I realize that this kind of existence we endure now is Unacceptable, it is Not Life, but a mockery of Life - a Deception, and a Disgrace - where we have all Deceived ourselves into Thinking all of this Abuse of Life is somehow justified and OK because really, we want to live in our own Self-Interest.  I realize that there is no love, or God, or any kind of power within the universe that can save us from that which we ourselves have created ourselves as, and that the only way we can stop all of this is to Stand Together as Equals within One Common Principle... That being, to All Together Create a world that is Best For All Life - and so End all Enslavement - along with all of the problems listed here.  If we come to our Common Senses, we Will find the Will within ourselves to leave our Personalities at the Door, and Stand Together to Create Heaven on Earth, Here in this World, where Life can be Free, if we Stand for Life.

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