Sunday, 20 March 2016

Day 246 - Universal Karma

How is it possible that we as human beings, have dared to put our own self-interest above the Best Interest of All Life?  How can we not be astounded at the extent of our collective arrogance? On top of that, how can we justify our selfish behavior, because we believe somehow we have earned the 'right' to our own Personal Opinion of reality, and that apparently our individual 'right' SUPERSEDES the Principle of Universal Karma!  Is it not supreme audacity and spite to believe and act as if we are individually better than the Entire Universe?

That's Business, we say.
That's Politics, we say.
That's Life, we say.

But is it Really?

This Universal Karma exists within the Common Sense Principle - Give as you would like to Receive. Whether we choose to believe it or not - this is how it works.  One does not need to be a professor of some neurological science to understand this.  Any child can understand it, and the sad actuality is, We ALL know it, because it exists within ourselves!  That is why No one will be able to deny the fact that there is No Excuse.  If anyone believes they have an excuse as to why they are somehow exempt, and can choose to live in self-interest rather than to Stand for Life, there will come a time when they will find the physical reality to be very unforgiving.

I say this in part because I would have liked to have understood this principle myself a long time ago. Nonetheless, I do not complain, I am honored just to be able to express that which I have come to realize and understand, and I would not wish the consequences of denial on anyone... for that is a terrible thing, to be in ignorance of oneself.  To have lived a lifetime in the physical reality and never truly understood oneself, or known the answer to the question 'who am I for real?'  This especially when one had many opportunities to simply investigate for themselves, and the answer was literally handed to them on a golden platter.

From a universal perspective, what we currently live in this world as systems is maximum stupidity.

This stupidity (for lack of a more profound word) is astonishing in itself, without mentioning that we do this in total contempt and ignorance of the consequences.  We do not understand consequence, so we just assume and hope everything will be taken care of in some way... some how... by some one else, besides ourselves.  We sign a blank cheque to the universe and say "I don't care what the cost is, just give me My Ego, My Personality, and My Self-Interest!" Fuck the World!

Little do we Realize...

This deliberate negligence is so blatantly blasphemous it is a wonder that anyone ever bothers to question 'Why did this awful, horrifying, experience happen??' when some terrible event occurs in our lives, or some other beings life.

Are we really so bent on revenge that we cannot see the bigger picture of what we are doing, and what is happening to ourselves and our Planet?  Do we really think that hoping for the World to End will solve our Problems and Grief?  Are we really that Dumb?  Or, is it actually Possible that there is a Solution?

What if Everyone Loved Life?... to the extent that, we would All be willing to give up our Personal Opinions, Beliefs, and Self Interested Desires - and rather choose to Live what is Best for All Life? Would that be so Bad?

Would that not bring everyone together within One Principle, so that we could Stand Together and Stop All Enslavement to Systems of Greed and Ignorance?

Or, are we really so hateful towards Life, that we would rather Destroy Each other, the Animals, and the Planet itself - just to prove how Vindictive we All are?

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