Sunday, 29 May 2016

Day 288 - A little leaven

According the the Bible, 'The whole world is deceived'.

That means... Every. Single. Person.

Why would it say that?

Similarly, it also says that 'a little leaven (yeast) leavens the whole loaf'.  Meaning the ENTIRE loaf, the entire world, every last human is filled with the leaven of ego/pride/self-interest... because every last person, is a reflection of everyone else.  That is to say that, in actuality, we are no better than the least in our existence, because that grotesquely 'evil' person you are thinking of, is in our existence through our acceptances and allowances, through our inaction, through our dishonesty to self, through our abdication of responsibility to properly forgive ourselves, correct ourselves, and stand for life.

Everyone prefers to blame, without realizing that blame is ineffective, because blame can only be truly resolved through all beings taking equal responsibility to correct and nullify the very existence of blame.  Blaming has never solved anything, because it does not address the source of the problem - that being, self-responsibility to stand for life.  We can only do this when we stop believing ourselves to be 'better than' or 'less than' another, because all that that creates is hierarchy within power and control designed to abuse life.

The creation of laws in order to 'justify' a certain behavior as 'right', only exacerbates the problem of the grand 'dualistic' deception, through making some people out to be right, and others to be wrong in polarity and thus conflict... meanwhile actual physical responsibility is dropped in favor of trying to get revenge on others.  Revenge solves nothing, as it only amplifies hate, and creates more desire for revenge.

Apparently people believe we have the choice to choose to deny our responsibility to life, as if there were no consequence, as if life is not aware, and the consequence would somehow fall to someone else.  The reality is that we only put off consequence for a time, only to eventually realize the army comprised of our own dishonesty we have created is patiently awaiting us in the very near future, and from a certain perspective, it is already here.    

The system is collapsing, and all that you thought you loved will come to naught, because your love was never real... it was never existent within self-honesty as what is best for all life.  Thus we will reap what we have sewn.  Time flies and death awaits us all.  What then of our ego, our self interest, our blame, and excuses?  We have been taught to believe it's okay or 'right' to pass them on to the children of the next generation, so that consciousness can continue to dominate life, and we will never be free from it.

Time for the Solution to Life.

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