Sunday, 8 May 2016

Day 276 - Fantasy as Escapism Pt. 2

Following my last post, why is it that an over indulgence in Fantasy is evidence of problems in ones life?  For myself, had I understood myself and reality more clearly, I would have been able to support myself out of this 'crutch' or 'mental sedative' of fantasizing, so that I could be more effective at being true to myself in this reality here, thus more fulfilled, and closer to living my full potential in life.

Why did I spend so much time fantasizing and dreaming of being in another world?  Mostly because I was (very) unhappy with my life.  I wanted to escape because I did not see a way of addressing the deeply rooted and unresolved issues I was faced with.  It was an easy way out, of hiding myself within my mental world so that I could help myself feel better about myself, and the possibility that maybe someday, somehow I would be able to experience some of the feelings I felt through my imaginations of fantasy.  I did not consider self-forgiveness as a solution to my problems.

It seems to me that on a deep level of unconscious awareness, we realize that this harsh existence that we live is not all there is, we KNOW that there is more to life, and that is precisely why we justify our abusive behavior...  we trust that the problem will be corrected somehow in the future.  The problem is, this trust is misplaced, because we do not recognize ourselves as the starting point of change, and that we must change ourselves, because WE are the problem.

We strive to escape the suffering and brutalities in this existence in many different ways, fantasy is just one of those ways, and there are many who have indulged in fantasy using it as an escape in the same way I have.  The fascinating point is that there really is no escape, in the sense that we are the creators, creating our world and ourselves in every moment.  Thus every moment invested in an alternate reality in our minds, is a moment of self-abdication, re-creating the patterns of the past, and neglecting to take responsibility for what is here in this reality in the present.

Anyone lost fantasizing about other worlds or alternate realities to this one must support themselves to understand and realize, that this physical reality that we share has to be fully addressed, faced, changed, and aligned with what is best for all life, down to every last detail.  The process can be likened to Frodo carrying the ring into Mount Doom, as we must walk ourselves out of our delusion, on our way to destroy the ring of power and control, and in that sense creating ourselves as Equal to the physical reality, so that we may correct what we have accepted and allowed to exist within our world... as separation and shame.

What will YOU do with the one ring?

There is more to share on this in following posts..

How to get the ring into Mordor

Artwork by John Howe "The Door of Night"


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