Monday, 13 February 2017

Day 366

Feb 5

Recall being gripped by anxiety when I was younger

I have some time, but have no Inspiration as to what to do ???. Do I really have nothing to give?

Look through my notes to get an action plan

Problem - fear letting others down
Solution - Find a way to support others

Problem - not moving to correction
Solution - address and create the correction in physicality

Problem - stagnation
Solution - Realize any moment can be a point of break through self change, self forgiveness on limitation

Problem - giving up
Solution - address the point of why I am giving up and take myself back to the starting point to begin again trusting myself to not give up

Problem - I have no talent or special ability
Solution - self forgiveness until I realize a point of responsibility or support

Problem - unstable health and finances
Solution - push through resistances and find ways to express Consideration, Confidence, and Awareness

Problem - self doubt
Solution - build self trust through self movement doing little things, stop compromising self honesty

Problem - self honesty not established
Solution - return to starting point of breath

Problem - embarrassed of myself
Solution - self forgiveness on self judgment, realize that I am here and part of existence and committed to creating a world that is best for all

Problem - fear there is nothing I can do
Solution - address through sf, and do something to prove this believe to be a falsity with no valid starting point

Problem - unable to distinguish between mind and beingness within self expression
Solution - return to starting point

Problem - competetiveness
Solution - use competition as a means of becoming aware of reactions and applying self forgiveness and changing in real time

Problem - fear being ridiculed
Solution - sf

Problem - lack of self esteem/self worth
Solution - build self confidence through walking out individual points of self honesty to a point of change

Problem - self worth judged from the point of financial standing

Solution - self forgiveness on self judgment