Monday, 13 February 2017

Day 364

Feb 2

Part 2

Creating a story

Perspective - Allowing principle to express through me as opposed to me trying to be me as my programmed personality.

Voice Recording - Art gallery inspiration
Create an avenue of expression
Convey a message that can assist
Words - Self honesty, honor
B Quotes CJTL
Outline Goals
Plot the course of expansion, movement, inspiration, motivation
Blowing the lid off of limitation in self investigation and creation

Part 1

Feel much better this morning after what felt like a heart attack last night at 3 am. Apparently it was only acid re-flux/gas. I had pain in the chest, weakness, shaking, shortness of breath, all of which would come and go. I got in my car and began to drive myself to the hospital, which is 40 minutes away. Did not think I would make it, but after driving for about 10 minutes, I began to feel better, so I turned around and came back home. Terrifying experience, and after all I am grateful and relieved. Amazing how acid re-flux and gas can mimic those symptoms. Careful with the coffees.

Redefining words

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