Sunday, 12 June 2016

Day 296 - Interdependence

What is astonishing to me, is how deeply we have brainwashed ourselves to ignore the fact that we are all part of this world, and this reality.  We are all connected, although indirectly, yet connected nonetheless through collective inter-dependence. We are individuals, yet that does not make us 'separate/independent'.

So, why do we act as though we are separate, when clearly we are not?

This world is a manifestation of ourselves.  Each and every one of us participates in it every day, through our words, our voices, our actions, our thoughts, our relationships, our business interactions... everything we do is a contribution to the whole of humanity, and all that is here.

So, why do we not see that we are no better than the weakest link in the chain..?

Why do we not allow ourselves to see and realize the immense suffering we are creating for ourselves?

Why do we think we will get away with deceiving the universe?

Why do we not realize the simple solution?

I just remembered the answer.  Of course, it is relationships.  We humans love to have relationships.  They make us feel energized and alive inside.  They make us feel like we are valued, cared for, and special.  Relationships are the heart of the system.  The secret contract which justifies the stimulus of fear which powers everything under the sun.  It is all done in awareness, yet justified through the depth and levels of programming, and in spite of life.  This, because apparently, someone else up the hierarchy is responsible to Life, and it is generally accepted that no one else really cares!  Life is so soft and powerless, apparently.

Here's an idea!  Let's all team up and make a bunch of lame ass excuses... then, together we can fuck Life over so that we can live it up, and just take whatever the fuck we want at the expense of others!

This is literally how we are existing... and it is such. fucking. bullshit.

 and frankly speaking... how can we not all see how much of a total disgrace we are to ourselves?

This is not to condemn relationships or agreements, but to look at ourselves as who we are within these relationships and agreements so that we can make them support structures for life, rather than excuses to abuse life.  We all have relationships to people, places, and things in our life.  The relationships have to change, and our definition towards them has to change, by way of changing our inner realities.

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