Saturday, 11 June 2016

Day 295 - What is Real?

Morpheus - "What is real?"

Is reality a hologram, or a projection?  Am I the only 'real' being in existence?  Let me just say here that, if indeed the entire universe is actually all in on some grand hoax being played on me, well, I'm not really liking this that much... can we stop now?  [5 min pause].

Okay then, perhaps this is a simulation, a complex game setup by a race of beings with vastly superior technology which transcends time?  Perhaps all of this is just some kind of dream (or nightmare) I am having? No?  Hmmm.... Why not, I wonder?

Well, as I have stated in previous blogs on the topic of Trust - When can I trust myself? - I find that there is very little which I can actually trust in my reality.  So, my starting point of Trust is self, here, in breath.  In that, I am aware of the existence of myself - either through pleasure or pain, yet more profoundly pain - and from here, I can apply self honesty to test what is in fact real through cross referencing with others.

I have been looking into some rather interesting phenomenon recently on the internet... that being the Mandela effect.  Quite fascinating stuff, and really, I have no explanation for it myself.  If you have not yet investigated it yet, there are plenty of videos online.   It is the phenomenon that things in reality have apparently 'changed' for some people, and not for others.  Things like geographical maps, brand names, movie lines, celebrity death dates (hence Nelson Mandela), as well as changes to the King James bible.

Here are a few examples I found interesting...

The line in Star Wars "Luke, I am your father" is now "No, I am your father"

C3P0's silver leg - I saw it a few months back and thought it quite odd, but I did not know this was a phenomenon.

The line in Field of Dreams "If you build it, They will come" is now "If you build it, He will come"

When I was young, I memorized a passage in the KJB - John 3:16 - and I can recite it to myself without thinking.  The word in that verse today, is 'should', where I specifically remember it to be 'shall'.

Some of the reasons/explanations people have been postulating...

Splitting Realities
Everyone has Died
God or the Antichrist
Time Travel
False or Implanted Memories
A Black Hole
A Rip in the Universe
A Dimensional Shift
Waking from a Dream
A Glitch in the Matrix

Anyway, there are many other examples. Somehow, our minds appear to be misinterpreting reality. Perhaps reality as we know it is becoming more and more unstable?  Perhaps it is disintegrating altogether.?

Whatever the explanation, the point is that this is a prime example of why the mind as consciousness cannot be trusted.  Maybe the point of all of this is to show us just how unreliable our minds really are?  Wouldn't that be appropriate?  All the more reason to investigate self honesty, self forgiveness, and what really can be trusted.  

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