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171 - Crisis of Capitalism - Problem Solution Reward

It is clearly obvious that our current economic system is leading us all towards a serious crisis situation for the entire planet and human race.

What I would like to point out here is, that there is a very simple solution which has to be taken into consideration.

The Problem

The current form of Capitalism is a system of profit and loss with no restrictions on either outcome. This fantasy of the American dream, would use the justification that it is just 'human nature' to be greedy and support a system of Greed. In this type of system, profit is valued above all, even the value of life itself, which we can see many cases in the world where animal, plant, and human alike are all abused, killed, and sold - for profit. It is then quite clear that Capitalism based on unregulated profit and loss, produces a fear driven, irresponsible, and insatiable consumption based society, without any regard for future consequences it creates.

So how can we solve the problem of Greed in the grand scale?

Many people would believe that this problem is unsolvable, yet surprisingly, there is a simple solution to greed.  Greed is not instinctual, but rather it is simply a reactionary response - based on fear of losing current luxuries and personal comforts, as well as the desire for power and control.

Greed is also based on the long outdated idea that we must all compete for our survival. This 'fear of survival' is based on the idea that the world has finite resources, and our time is limited on earth. As such, people believe that in order to get the most experience or fulfillment out of life, we must aggressively compete with each other - to get more for ourselves in self-interest. All of this falls within the false assumption that life itself is based in, and motivated by fear. This common misconception is absolutely not true, and has no validity whatsoever. In fact, it can conclusively be proven to be a lie. Fear is not a prerequisite for life, and that is simple common sense.

Many people believe that in order to be happy, we must exist in a system of hierarchy, where some people are deemed better than others. Naturally, this creates a reckless society of false appearances, profuse with fear, corruption, injustice, slavery and control. Thus Capitalism - for the sake of technological advancement and perceived 'evolution' - actually manifests the opposite of real happiness, and consequentially, many horrendous forms of abuse - which are typically denied and left out of the equation with the excuse that 'this is just the way it has always been'. This excuse is simply unacceptable, given our obvious capacity to eliminate ignorance, neglect, and abuse through responsible re-education.

One must ask the question, why do so many fear to challenge the idea that life can be free from fear itself? Can we stop fear? The answer is yes, yet most people have simply not considered or understood the actual solution. Additionally, the current education system trains children to conform and accept the current system of fear as the only possibility - so people are deeply ingrained within the idea that 'we must consume to stave off fear, and acquire more possessions in order to be happy' – which is absolutely not the case. Happiness is actually achieved through sharing for the common good of all. Once fear of survival is removed, greed will inevitably be starved out of the system, as it has no longer has its primary resource of fear to sustain itself.

Obviously there is no perceived profit within our current institutions (banks, corporations, political organizations etc.) to promote re-education of society in order to create a sustainable world that would be best for the world as a whole, therefore responsibility is easily swept under the carpet - at no apparent or imminent loss. It is actually profitable to keep the general population 'blind' to what is actually going on in the system.

All the economic theories of the past such as those put forward by John Maynard Keynes and Hyman Minsky are of no value, as they do not provide a clear solution. Additionally, they have already been tested and proven to only facilitate further downward spiraling cycles of instability, corruption, and injustice.

Culturally speaking, what we have to realize is the obvious impact of our current technological age, where communication is moving at light speed, therefore effects of economic turmoil are reflected in the markets, and so felt around the world nearly instantaneously. The entire system is interconnected and therefore if one financial system collapses, it threatens the entire structure.

Governmental policies are inverse, and of no effect in solving the problem, as by the very nature of the system these policies conform to the same rules of profit and loss, and are therefore detached from all conscience, reason, and accountability to the world as a whole.

The Solution

The first step in the solution to solve this crisis of capitalism, is the world wide implementation of a Basic Income Grant. This way all the basic needs of common people are met, thus removing a large part of the fear of survival problem. This system has proven to be effective in communities in the past, where it has been tested, showing dramatic reduction in violence, crime, and poverty as well as improved education and increased business activity.

The next step in the solution is the implementation of Equal Money Capitalism. This system is literally the complete solution to all problems presented by our current dysfunctional economic and political systems. This system is based within the foundational principle of what is 'Best for All'. Thus self-interest is removed and replaced with the interest of the common good.

The Rewards

Equal Money Capitalism would dramatically increase the well being of the entire planet through creation of a sustainable, resource based infrastructure that would remove the system of profit and loss altogether. Through the integration of collective responsibility and re-education, the value of life would be realized and revitalized as never before seen.

The impacts of such a new system would be revolutionary, and the rewards of such would be so profound in producing a 'world of relief' and happiness, that at this point, it simply can not be conceived, nor understated. Many would dismiss such claims as 'too good to be true', yet if we simply investigate the facts in common sense, we will find that it is absolutely possible, and shockingly – inevitable. The only question would be, do we want to save our planet and our existence?... because whether we would choose to face the facts or not, that is literally what is at stake, as the current system collapses and chaos ensues.

Practical Rewards

  • Unemployment – eradicated
  • Business activity – increased
  • Stress and anxiety – eradicated
  • Health problems - decreased
  • Political corruption – eradicated
  • Taxation – eradicated
  • Inflation – eradicated
  • Oppression - eradicated
  • Greed – eradicated
  • Slavery – eradicated
  • Global Irresponsibility – eradicated
  • Education – free and increased
  • Healthcare – free
  • Basic needs – guaranteed
  • Pollution – wasteful systems overhauled and real solutions implemented
  • Cooperation – enabled through knowledge sharing
  • Violence and Crime – greatly decreased with effective correction programs
  • Rape and sexual slavery and abuse – eradicated through effective correction and re-education programs
  • Freedom of expression – evolved to serve the best interest of all
  • War – eradicated
  • Poverty – eradicated
  • Irresponsible production techniques – eradicated
  • Environmental destruction – eradicated and changed to responsible sustainability – best for all
  • Innovation – exponentially increased due to free knowledge sharing
  • Animal abuse – eradicated through responsibility and re-education
  • Many more inconceivable improvements and rewards...

Please visit the following for further research and information on Equal Money Capitalism.

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