Thursday, 5 January 2012

Basic Income Grant - The Costs of Economic Disparity

The costs of economic disparity are quite literally unspeakable and immeasurable. How have we as humanity become so inconsiderate to the extent that we just go on enjoying our lives while others in our world suffer needlessly? The fact is that each and every one of us has a responsibility to support life. Yet this is not something that is taught in our education system.

We have ALL, each and every one of us, created this chaotic mess we are experiencing on earth, and we are all accountable for it. The evidence of our blind, self-interested behaviour has lead us to the point of being utterly subject and enslaved to the systems of the world. We have created false systems of valuation and perpetuate them through the use/abuse of money. If one do not have money in this world, a person is virtually guaranteed to have a very stressful and harsh life, and often a premature death.

Everyone wants to place blame on others as lazy, or greedy, or inconsiderate, yet that very statement of blame is abdication of self-responsibility and an absolute false perception. It is therefore by no means a valid justification to not take responsibility in standing for life or to allow an abusive system to exist. The reality is that we are all equally responsible for the complete disgraceful existence we have created on this planet. How dare we call this life. This is not life, this is abuse of life.

If our planet is depleted or destroyed because of our collective irresponsibility to honor all life equally, what will our excuse be, and who will we plead with? The obvious answer is we will simply not be able to, because we will not have a voice, as the physical earth is the only means by which we can express ourselves. There is no heaven out there somewhere to go to, this is it. The physical earth and our physical bodies, have a deadline, and we must all change now, before that deadline.

The problem is that we have spitefully separated ourselves in thinking we have free will as self-interest, that we are not equal to or responsible for our world. Just because we cannot see our whole world with our eyes, does not mean that it does not exist or have direct impact on us.

Consider the utter inability of words to describe our experience. I could describe to you that I am suffering intensely, but words simply can not convey the actual experience, they only offer a very slight impression. Yet the suffering remains. Now imagine for a moment that instead of words to communicate, you directly felt what I am feeling as a direct experience. How much harder would we work to implement a real change in our world? I offer that change would be immediate. Is that not proof of our delusion? This inconsideration for life as a whole is absolutely inexcusable. How easy is it for us to pass off our responsibility to support life because we are comfortably protected by an abusive money system.

2008 BIG implemented in Otjivero, Omitara with huge success

- All those under 60 yrs received $100 without any conditions attached

- income at the health clinic increased 5x

- illegal activities such as poaching were reduced

- elimination of extreme poverty

- reduction in crime rates

- participation in education improved

- reduction in stress and anxiety

- committees were formed to curb alcohol abuse in the society

- prostitution decreased as it was not necessary for young women to sell their bodies to survive

- Big was proven to be very affordable

- helped achieved millennial goals

Some General Basic Income Grant Facts;

- increased nutritional heath and well being for everyone

- supports basic human dignity

- slight reduction in destructive impact of capitalism

- every human being is supported

- reduction in prostitution

- obvious common sense

- reduction in overall suffering

- provides more support for and within the system

- many people with plenty of wealth are willing to have their wealth taxed as a service to society

- half the worlds population is in poverty... this is insanity

- BIG would help support life as opposed to driving ourselves to extinction

- overall reduction in rivalries and gangs

- reduction in prostitution

- increased employment

- increased small business

- less degrading than charity

- quality of living increases for all

- reduction in violence as violence is the direct result of inequality

- crucial stepping stone system to true equality as an Equal Money System


- BIG still allows capitalistic abuse to exist

- BIG still does not provide all the necessities of life

- BIG still does not foster or support true equality of life

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