Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Cure Insanity with an Equal Money System

I had a friend who was considered 'Schizophrenic'. I enjoyed his company, like a breath of fresh air from the typical, limited conversational mind drivel of 'isn't it a beautiful day' etc etc. His perspective of himself was skewed from the norm, as he didn't seem to have the more common awareness of what people thought of him, but rather spoke and acted more directly from a point of expressing his fears and that which he enjoyed.

We went for bike rides a few times, and he often said things that were quite unpredictable which made me laugh. He had a rather outrageous and funny laugh himself, and sometimes he would just yell something out of the blue. I remember one time in particular I let him stay the night at my apartment. Both of us being religious at the time, I guess I thought of it as doing my service for god. Anyway, it was during the summer and at about 2:00am a cool breeze swept in my bedroom window. He was sleeping on the floor and me in my bed when suddenly I hear him yell out loud "SATANNNNNNN!!! I REBUKE THEE IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!

So I rolled over and turned on the light and said 'hey man, what's the problem?'
At that he replied in a very frank manner "Im sorry William, I thought it was the presence of the enemy".

Looking back at this experience, I realize that I enjoyed his company partially because he was so transparent, thereby allowing me to feel a bit more 'free' to express myself. I didn't see him as a threat, although I understand he had some real challenging problems do deal with. What I didn't realize is that I had suppressed myself, in that I was not able to just 'say' whatever I felt at any time, anywhere. I had to appear 'sane' to others in conforming myself into and as the system in fear for my survival.

Its fascinating how we have defined sanity as ones ability to suppress oneself. The more you just 'shut up' and accept your slavery and suppression, we believe apparently the more 'sane' a person is. If you express yourself as whats really going on inside you, you are considered an outcast, and treated like a perverted criminal to society. Isn't this evidence of how we live in absolute fear and self-condemnation of ourselves as who we really are? Are those considered as 'insane', not equally showing us a part of ourselves, and how we have failed to take responsibility for life?

So what have we done? As the outside reflects the inside - as our minds, what we do is we compartmentalize, just like our thoughts that we consider 'evil', we lock people away so we don't have to see them, and don't have to face them. We treat them as if they don't exist and are not real. We torture them, use them for selfish and cruel experiments, fill them with insidious and noxious drugs that destroy the physical body and just forget about them. As much as we try however, they don't just go away. They still exist, just not in plain sight.

Our methods of attempting to cure people through the current psycho-analytical systems are primarily definition based. This crude and virtually ineffective analysis is based in self-interest and not considering the entire picture of ones acceptances and allowances within our reality. Psychologists themselves within the field of psychiatrics are driven by greed and profit, promoting their services solely from this starting point. Therefore patients do not get 'cured', but rather become even more confused and disoriented about themselves leading to self-inflicted harm and continued allowance of self-abuse. Psychologists often re-enforce the starting point of ones delusional state, through confirming and re-stating the self-definitions one has placed on oneself in order that one may justify not having to face ones self-created energy demons.
Another interesting tactic of psychologists is to create a new idea for the patient, wherein the patient creates a belief system through collaboration with the belief systems of the psychologist as false definitions such as being 'a good person' within the polarity of seeing others as 'bad' or 'evil'. Often this is justified through the blame system where one blames people or events of ones past as opposed to seeing exactly how one participated within creating the actual events that took place. Clearly this is sociopathic behavior and not seeing oneself from the starting point of being equally responsible for our acceptances and allowances and thus changing self to stop abuse.

I have watched and read a number of documentaries on insanity, and just the small fraction of what I have seen is incomprehensible and a deplorable disgrace to life. As I have said before, words cannot express the suffering we allow to exist as ourselves... hidden away, somewhere. The torment we allow ourselves to endure because of our inner 'agreements' with ourselves to just 'hide it all' from view, has a dire consequence.

Seeing ourselves as equal creators of existence as what we have allowed ourselves to become, we are only now starting to realize that we are accountable for all of this suffering, each and every one. This is the fundamental reason our world exists in such a psychotic state, and therefore headed for disaster, as we are currently driving ourselves to extinction. What we have allowed is unacceptable to life. We have dishonored life as who we really are. We have tried to hide from ourselves... tried to keep it all a secret, as if we don't know, as if life can be swept under the rug of existence.

The truth of who we are can no longer be hidden, all is now being exposed. If there are any secrets within ourselves that do not support life, they will be exposed, either by ourselves through each individually applying self-forgiveness and corrective application, or by others and inevitable consequence, the former being preferable.

Virtually any person currently diagnosed with some form of insanity, from Bi-polar disorder, to Multiple Personality Disorder, to Schizophrenia etc, absolutely has the potential to change themselves through actual understanding of the starting point of how we have created and manifested self-abuse through and as spitefulness to life. Within taking responsibility to undergo the process of self-forgiveness and self-honest self-correction, one is able to stand and support oneself as equal to and worthy of life. This is why I am working with myself to stop all abuse and secrets within myself through the Desteni I process. I simply can no longer accept abuse of life to exist in my world, therefore I can no longer accept abuse to exist within myself. 1+1=2. Join Desteni to support yourself and the creation of an Equal Money System so that we can cure and ultimately abolish insanity for the good of all.

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