Sunday, 29 April 2012

7 Year Journey to Life - Day 4 - Transcending The Frustration System

My focus today was to stop frustration. Even though the day was a difficult - 11hours of tough physical labor and concentration with issues arising that would normally create frustration - I did not give in to the mind.  Whenever I sensed frustration arising within me I was aware of it and stopped it. So awareness along with commitment were the keys to stopping the frustration system from siphoning my energy.   I feel a bit tired yes, yet if I had let frustration control me, I know for certain I would be far far more tired than I am now.  

Thanks to a chat with a fellow Destonian this morning, I was able to transcend this simple system today, and so not fall victim to an energetic drain which has consequences for my physical body.

That's why Desteni and the SRA course are so amazing - helping eachother to stand in the common goal of standing for all life.  The ultimate reward being to stand equal to and as life, as opposed to being enslaved and subject to a system that does not care weather you live or die.

Equality is my passion, there is nothing else worth living for in this phony world of greed and selfishness.   

It is an honor to be part of a group that stands for what is best for all, but it is far more than that.  It is supporting myself, sharing myself, giving myself to life, understanding and facing who I truly am, and yet there is still so much more than that.  It is to become real for the first time in the history of the universe.  The ultimate adventure.  Hard to understand why anyone would not want to be part of it.

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