Monday, 16 July 2018

Day 373 - Update

Monday, July 16, 2018

Please excuse my absence, again, as there have been some personal issues which I have had sort out and dealt with. I have been able to solve a couple of significant physical ailments over the past year, and interestingly the solutions were quite simple once I discovered the source of the problem. One issue I had was pain in my chest and throat areas. It turns out that this was due to strong pesticides found in tea, coffee, and oil used for cooking. The solution to this was to buy organic tea (cheaper online fyi), and use a different type of oil in place of typical vegetable oil. The other issue which I have had for approximately 10 years was debilitating headaches, typically 2 per week which would incapacitate me for sometimes a full day or more. The headaches, which I had assumed were connected to my sugar intake (sugar was a secondary source), were actually being caused by coffee and as I suspect its acidity levels.

I have a high metabolic rate which does not require additional stimulation, so when I stopped drinking coffee, soon after the headaches went away. Rather unfortunate that I did not realize this and make the connection earlier on, despite seeing many doctors and undergoing many tests related to this problem. Additionally I lost a very good paying job primarily because of these headaches. This doesn't say much about the doctors in this country, nor the education system, as learning about how our physical bodies function and what they require to operate effectively ought to be one of the first things we learn in school. Instead we have a pernicious capitalistic system where products are 'pushed' not for optimum physical health, but for competitive profit, taste, and greed. I also realize my own negligence in how I could have been more active in researching and taking responsibility for my own health.

In other news I recently started a new job just over a week ago framing houses. It is very challenging in many ways, and will keep me moving and in top shape, should I persist... I am grateful for the job, although admittedly I have felt like quitting a number of times already. I am learning the ropes, and re-learning things I have forgotten over the years. There is a lot of pressure to perform at maximum level.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be negligent regarding the understanding of my physical health, and what my body requires to operate efficiently and effectively.

There are many topics which I would like to write about and share as a point of responsibility. 

Thanks for reading. 


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